HedgeChatter Features

Stocks by Social Chatter Volume

Instantly see the most chatted stocks over the past 24hrs and trending now.

Stocks by Sentiment Volume

View stocks ranked by sentiment volume (Strong Buy, Buy, Hold, Sell, Strong Sell)

Top Positive/Negative Sentiment Leaders

See the most positively and negatively chatted stocks Trending Now and over the Past 24 hrs.

Accelerating Positive/Negative Sentiment

View stocks with rapid acceleration in overall Positive & Negative Social Media Stock Sentiment.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand how changes in sentiment affect stock price direction. Compare multiple dates and view the results.

Manipulation Analysis

Instantly view # of Validated Chatter msgs Vs. # of Spam/Deception msgs. Avoid manipulation hype and focus on true market direction.

Top Stocks by Twitter & News Volume

Learn which stocks have the most news coverage and are most tweeted about by the 95,519 active twitter users. Ranked by tweet & news volume.

Spikes in Tweets & News Coverage

Know which stocks are currently accelerating with massive amounts of global tweets and news coverage.

and Insights...

Make trading decisions based on the latest social information, before the needle moves.
Follow our Positive Sentiment Reputation Alerts as they mine Big Data to find a portfolio of stocks averaging 11-16% every 60 trading days.
Track the latest alerts based on Sentiment Volume, Overall Pos/Neg Sentiment, Pos/Neg Reputation and Chatter Volume.