API Data

The HedgeChatter API provides Social Signals allowing traders to make timely decisions ahead of news.

Social Media Sentiment and Social Alerts allow our customers to quickly gain insights into;
  • Why a Stock is moving
  • Why a Stock is about to move
  • Why a Stock has moved
  • Market Direction
Our customers include Hedge Funds, Quant Groups, HWNI Traders, and ETF's (with a combined AUM of $150 Billion USD) who utilize our API data to consistently outperform the market.

Range of Dates: 20131001-20180401
Years of Data: 4 & 1/2 Years
Rows of Data: 16+ Million (16,256,079)

The API also provides Historical data however, to get you started quickly, we're providing you with Instant Download links as CSV files.

CSV Files:
  • alerts_20131001-20180401.csv
  • chatterDetail_20131001-20180401.csv
  • chatterVolumeRank_20131001-20180401.csv
  • negativeSentimentRank_20131001-20180401.csv
  • negativeSentiment_20131001-20180401.csv
  • newsSpike_20131001-20180401.csv
  • newsVolume_20131001-20180401.csv
  • positiveSentimentRank_20131001-20180401.csv
  • positiveSentiment_20131001-20180401.csv
  • sentimentGainersRank_20131001-20180401.csv
  • sentimentLosersRank_20131001-20180401.csv
  • sentimentVolumeRank_20131001-20180401.csv
  • twitterSpike_20131001-20180401.csv
  • twitterVolume_20131001-20180401.csv
Current Coverage:
  • US Stocks, Indexes, and ETF's - 8,000 Symbols
  • Bitcoin BTC
Coverage Coming June 1st, 2018
  • All Cryptocurrencies

  • Note: Cryptocurrency data will be included at no additional charge.
    • Python API Script Example is included to begin pulling from our API
    • Curl examples are also included
    • HedgeChatter- API Access documentation
    • HedgeChatter- API Turn Up documentation
    • HedgeChatter- Trading Strategies
    • Within 4 hours of your order, your API Credentials will be emailed to you.
    • The HedgeChatter API is JSON format.
    Your use of the HedgeChatter Data is exclusively for personal or professional purposes and may not be utilized to build an application intended for use by end users other than for you. You must disclose in any printed or shared document containing the HedgeChatter Data either the HedgeChatter logo or reference that the data is from HedgeChatter. For example, you may use the data to create reports (e.g. analyst reports), provided that the data is presented in a static manner and repackaged in a form that adds additional information or analysis of the data beyond basic sharing of the data itself in isolation. You may not, however, include HedgeChatter Data identified as being provided with no redistribution rights in any application or otherwise provide or display the data to a third-party in a dynamic manner (i.e. frequently updating the data being displayed (through technological means relating to an API call or otherwise).

    For enterprise or embedded API usage in a product or service, please contact us: [email protected]

    HedgeChatter API Pricing:

    First Month Total: $495
    Then Monthly Access @ $149.95 per month

    1) API Turn Up
    2) First Months API Access
    3) Historical CSV's (Instant Download)
    4) API Documentation (Instant Download)
    5) Trading Strategies (Instant Download)
    6) Python Script Examples (Instant Download)
    7) Curl Examples (Instant Download)

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