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America’s favorite stocks in bear market territory – WVTM13

The U.S. stock market is in the midst of a minor panic attack, and it’s taking America’s favorite stocks with it.
Apple and Disney are two of the most beloved stocks among regular Joe and Wall Street investors. Both got hammered this week. Apple fell almost 9% and Disney slid nearly 8%.Then there’s Netflix. The stock has been on fire this […]

Singapore Stock Market crash 2.64% in a single day | States Times …

The Singapore stock market with the national Straits Times Index (STI) crashed 2.64% in a single day today (August 12) and even bottomed out at 3,060 (-2.95%) in the morning today. Singapore’s economy is currently facing a downturn with a decline of 4% in GDP from yesterday’s official announcement. The Singapore currency is also currently trading at its 5-year low […]

The Ways to Learn Stock Trading written | ze articles

The Ways to Learn Stock Trading writtenIf you are planning to start investing in stock trading, it’s important to first have an access to several sources of quality education and some experience. In fact, trial and error together with the ability to continue pressing forth will at last lead you to success. One good thing about this kind of investment […]

Beijing – China's Stock Market Crash: Shanghai Share Index Suffers …

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A man walks past an electronic stock board of a securities firm in Tokyo, Monday, July 27, 2015. Asian stock markets were lower Monday as weak Chinese manufacturing accelerated the sell-off in oil and other commodities. Investors were also cautious ahead of the Federal Reserve’s policy meeting later this week. (AP Photo/Ken Aragaki)Beijing – […]

Statistics on Chinese invested in stock-market crash – Business Insider

Stock-market investing in Britain is done mainly by professionals such as fund managers, folks trusted with other people’s money because of their increased understanding of investing. It’s the same way in the US, though Americans are more likely than Brits to maintain a small portfolio of stocks in which they have a personal interest.But millions of ordinary citizens in China […]