beneath the radar of my new caseworker

beneath the radar of my new caseworker

beneath the radar of my new caseworker

edward w pritchard

My caseworker for my health insurance never calls me. She never asks me about my health or how my trips to the heart doctor went or responds or interacts towards me in any way at all really. That is except for threatening and high handled letters about dropping my benefits and ceasing our relationship. Good thing I have developed thick skin about these type things of late.

Better that if my caseworker was an overhead drone assigned to look out for me. A sort of gaurdian angel for a backsliding partial believer sort.

I find I am beneath the radar of my caseworker and most other benevolence forces in Amerika here and now.

Perhaps 2015 will be better for me. Perhaps I will pull the trigger on speculating in some Coal stocks or biotech boondoogles in 2015.

New year, new outlook, new chance. Inflation or stagnation in 2015? New Lexus for me [used] or perhaps ride in style about Akron, Ohio on the cross town bus to nowhere or walk and pause, walk and pause on the Canal tow path causing my heart to flutter and my spirit to push on, push on into the future.

I met my grand nephew at the end of 2015 and imparted a bit of my personality onto his developing awareness of the world. Children are the future.

Will coal prices soar in 2015 as powerful winds aloft bring chilling cold to us hurdled below waiting for the future to arrive?

Here’s what I wrote before about coal stocks. Out look is bad for coal in America just now. Still the future starts tomorrow January 1st 2015.

In California here where I sit at the foot of sacred Mountains powerful winds aloft were scripted by my newly reacquainted cosmic caseworker to awaken me from my “dogmatic slumbers”.

Me and the Coal stocks sectors. Two diamonds in the dust waiting to reemrge in 2015.

” dogmatic slumbers” attributed to David Hume bon vivant and deep thinker

President Obama and war against coal

Edward w Pritchard

As Julius Caesar humbled Gaulic chieftain Vercingetorix so President Obama brings the American Coal industry to it’s knees.

Coal stock prices have fallen more than 20% in a few days off already historic lows. Deflation or the environmental lobby lead by President Obama looking to destroy a source of pollution and global warming?

Does America need vibrant coal companies in case of a real War if we must fight a determined and fortified opponent?

Cell phones and Alibaba’s do not run on coal. Is there a connection between weak American coal stocks and sky rocketing stock prices for Chinese online retailers? Perhaps in time Alibaba can use it’s gigantic cash stash to buy America’s coal reserves. As far as I know it still gets cold in China sometimes and the Chinese still use some coal to generate electricity. Or are hard commodities now obsolete in the era of super duper wrist watches from Apple and American investors pushing and fighting to own restrictive ADR’s on Chinese on line retailers whose boards and directors are answerable to the communist party.

As the philosopher said, reason is dead and flux is the new King.

Me, I watch the junk bonds of the leading coal companies fall day after day and dream of a mega turn around the equities of ANR or WLT.

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beneath the radar of my new caseworker

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