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As a trader you often find yourself with a lot of desire to trade but very little time to do it — because of life’s everyday activities.

A simple way that lets you trade with very little time is to trade Nadex binaries. This is not only possible but very easy to execute anytime, day or night. If you focus on the last 15 minutes of each hour, there are trades nearly every hour of the day that can easily take you just minutes, from entry to exit.

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Nadex binaries can be traded with a few minutes from entry to exit, or even a week from entry to exit. On Nadex, you can enter and exit before expiration. This is unique, as the non-CFTC regulated, offshore binary brokers do not allow you to close most, if any, of your binaries before expiration.

Nadex is also an exchange — which means you are not trading against the “Broker” but against other traders and market makers. Therefore, the other side of the trade does not know who you are, much less if you are getting in or out, or if you are winning or losing on a trade. In short, you get to trade with anonymity while still having complete pricing transparency similar to any other exchange.

A Simple 15-Minute Binary Option Trading System

A simple system is to use a clean price chart that both removes and defines time and tells you when prices will continue in a direction for approximately 15 minutes. One way to do this is to use Diagnostic Bars, provided by These bars will clean up the chart and only display when a bar has moved x number of ticks.

A bar may take one second to form if it moves, for example, 10 ticks — or it may take literally an entire hour to form if it takes one hour to move 10 ticks. This helps ensure you do not have a lot of indicators getting confused due to a new bar plotting, just because some time has passed by the earth rotating a few degrees. 

To ensure you keep the perspective of time, you can add on Range Channels — so you will know when you are approaching the end of an hour. Range Channels are another available option by

And to really make the system simple, just add on their Expected Volume Indicator. This shows you what the expected volume is for every four minutes of the day (yellow line). If the actual volume (blue bars) passes that line, the market should easily continue to move in that direction at least for the next 15 minutes. (See Chart Below).

3 Easy Steps

Now that you have the chart set-up, here are some easy steps to the system:

1) In the last 15 minutes, you see volume exceed expectations (blue bar above yellow line).

2) You see that a bar closes either up or down.

3) You see a subsequent bar break previous bar’s high (if it’s an up close) or low (if it’s a down close), and enter the trade immediately.

You can see an example of this chart by clicking HERE  You will notice the three steps on the 10 AM expiration less than 15 minutes before expiration. 


Used with permission from Apex Investing Institute LLC


Why Use This System On Binaries?

As you can see, this system could be used on futures, forex, stocks, CFD’s, forwards, and, of course, binaries. 

Binaries allow you to have completely defined risk, so if there is a huge move against you, the losses are limited. 

Also, you can do premium collection (make money on time) or trend collection (make money on movement) with binaries on this strategy — or you can combine the two together for what is known as a double binary. We will discuss applying these three binary strategies in follow-up articles. 

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