Blueprint Health's Demo Day: Big Data, Pill Poppin', and the “R …

Blueprint Health's Demo Day: Big Data, Pill Poppin', and the “R …

Blueprint Health’s Demo Day: Big Data, Pill Poppin’, and the “R” Word | PandoDaily

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The Week in Review


That queasy feeling when a Web rally starts losing steam


Oh, for fuck’s sake: Microsoft bans users from Xbox Live for “excessive profanity”Looking to help parents bridge the digital and physical, Moonfrye expands to Android and closes in on another $1.1MUber customer claims abuse and assault by driver. Uber confirms: yes, he drives for usTech giants’ patent wars mean a longer wait for smarter phonesThe Sweet Setup is like the Wirecutter for apps, right down to its affiliate-based business modelWhat is your Twitter network talking about? will tell you in 10 secondsRukkus launches its “Kayak for tickets” site with tickets from 100 different providersWill the real Scopely please stand up? Behind the scenes of four consecutive No. 1 iOS game launchesLine has 300 million users, WhatsApp has a problemPandoDaily acquires NSFWCORP to double down on investigative reporting“The porn gap”: High income cities watch more porn than low income citiesWhy Snapchat is screwedWall Street redemption: Jerry Yang joins the board of market darling Workday


The Samwer brothers may have the last laugh on Fab after allPopulism 2.0: Is SeaTac seeing the rebirth of captive-industry politics?Bitcoin, you have a China problemPandoMonthly Los Angeles with Jason Calacanis, the full interviewFinally! A role-playing game starring a bearded drag queenAirport carsharing is cheaper than a rental, but a decidedly un-baller experienceMuffling the smartphone symphony: Appboy’s News Feed provides an alternative to push notificationsGet your tickets now to see Twitter CEO Dick CostoloWhen asked “Either/or?” Marissa Mayer says “Yes”Getting remote Indigenous communities onlineBehold Leap Transit: The Uber for city buses is nighMobile chameleons: Splitforce expands to Unity to help game developers A/B test their waresBillGuard’s CEO on new savings product: “We’re building what Mint should have been”Kiip’s self-serve rewards platform goes public, now it waits for brands to take the bait


Keeping Secrets: Pierre Omidyar, Glenn Greenwald and the privatization of Snowden’s leaksBeachMint announces Aldo partnership, aims to further remove manufacturing and distribution riskDijit wants to capitalize on the television experience, but sometimes TV is just TVA pantheon built from greed and smartphones: Apptive helps indie sellers join the mobile shopping extravaganzaWho hates Jony Ive’s iOS7? Publishers, that’s whoLingerie industry, look out: Silicon Valley’s female founders are coming for youUnder cover of Thanksgiving, SEC postpones “final” lobbying ethics ruleThe GoldieBlox playbook: Imitate Youtube and SamsungFor entrepreneurs, too often the holidays are anything but happyBuzzFeed continues to belly flop off its “open platform”It is game over for 23andMe, and rightly soStudy finds that the people most likely to benefit from fitness wearables aren’t using themCostly, confusing, connected: How average consumers feel about the Internet of Things


Venezuela’s continued attack on free enterpriseFacebook’s continued experimentation with a read-it-later tool might finally bring some real news to Zuck’s metaphorical newspaperWhen charity fails, gamification steps in: how this app makes giving funAvoiding the pitfalls of raising money from friends and familyHard Bargain: Even a super-hacktivist can’t change how sentencing worksMarc Andreessen, John Doerr, and others share who they’re thankful forHenry Blodget told me slideshows are “native digital storytelling.” Here’s what I think of thatProust and Heads Up are the antidotes to holiday boredomWhat have we learned from 23andMe?WeChat is going to be huge for payments (unlike WhatsApp)It’s a little harder to be thankful this Thanksgiving

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Blueprint Health's Demo Day: Big Data, Pill Poppin', and the “R …

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