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U.S. Economy and Mid-Terms, What Now?Ben Benoy+ , November 7, 2014 0 0 0 0A new balance of power has been ushered into the Senate.The United States Marine Corps taught me to embrace fresh leadership because that’s one of the principal mechanisms that keeps our institutions truly focused on their core values and ethos.The Republicans have gained back the […]

3rd Nov: Sentiment Analysis of the Apple Inc Stock – The Stockal …

Question: do you think social and mass media sentiments are affecting some of the stock prices? No, we are not talking about a Tweet here or a popular Facebook post there from some mighty trader, we are talking about sentiments across the board, calculated over thousands of trader sound bytes!Answer: ?Well,  truly speaking – who knows! But the truth is that even […]

Social Media Stocks Friending Correction? – Global X Social Media …

SummaryOne can get a sense of whether a manic phase in the uptrend is underway based on pockets of stocks which exhibit irrational outperformance.
The two areas which have been the attention for speculators have been Biotech and Social Media.
If Social Media stocks keep faltering, it would mean risk sentiment in high flying stocks is unable to stick.
“Sometimes being a friend […]

Letting Go of Control: Social Media Signage and User Generated …

Guest Post: Ryan Gushue, EnplugOne of the oft repeated axioms in the industry is “Content is King.” You may have a flawless hardware implementation and a perfect software configuration — but without a comprehensive content strategy, your project is destined for mediocrity.Traditional solutions to this issue range from paying a content provider, to licensing stock signage fodder, to dedicating in-house […]

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Last week, social media analytics vendor, iSentium, announced the launch of its completely revamped iSENSE application on the Bloomberg terminal to enable investment professionals to access real-time market sentiment from Twitter.New iSense ReleaseIn October 2013, Bloomberg initially released the iSense application on its market data terminal developed by the social media analytics company, iSentium. The iSense app generated sentiment signals […]

Relative Equity Put/Call Ratio: What We Can Learn From Stock …

One of the psychological curiosities of the stock market is that we tend to see euphoria when shares are their most overvalued and despondency when they are trading at greatest value. It’s for that reason that sentiment gauges can be useful in tracking market cycles. One of my favorite measures is the ratio of put options traded to call options […]

New Study Focuses on Social Media Data and Investor Sentiment …

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New Study Focuses on Social Media Data and Investor Sentiment
August 11, 2014New Study Focuses on Social Media Data and Investor SentimentResearch LeadershipFinance researchers are watching with interest as postings on social media are increasingly mined for business insights. Assistant Finance Professor Samir Saadi thinks they just might be the new tea leaves of market sentiment, enabling investors […]

Sensex weighed down by global sentiment, rebound expected – India

Mumbai, Aug 9 : A dip in the global sentiment led by geo-political tensions and the Reserves Bank of India’s decision to keep key interest rates unchanged weighed heavy on the Indian equities market in the week just ended. The markets lost 0.59 percent in the week ended Aug 8 from its previous weekly close on Aug 1. Markets’ analysts said weakness in […]

Facebook Has Become The Ultimate Fanboy Stock … – Seeking Alpha

SummarySuddenly nearly everybody is bullish at historic highs. Where were they at the post-IPO lows?
Facebook is priced for beyond perfection at 94 times earnings and 24 times sales.
Original VC Peter Thiel cashes out his remaining 494,950 shares on July 29, signaling a smart money top.
There have been so many ridiculously bullish articles on Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) lately that I don’t even […]

Why is iMaibo more than 400K Chinese stock marketeers' best bet …

The startup aims to help better understand how a stock market really functions through a “sentiment index”; wishes to garner 1M users by the end of the yearPlaying the Chinese stock market can be likened to entering a battlefield with a blindfold over one’s eyes, even if the player is a native. For one, the aforementioned war zone is swarmed with retail […]