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Microsoft Social Listening to accelerate sentiment analysis, reaching …

by Jason Gumpert, Editorpublished November 9, 2014Microsoft Social Listening has grown to more than a thousand customers so far, and the product will be making a leap in its sentiment analysis coverage in 2015. The product will expand from six languages (with Italian to be added in the next month or so) up to nineteen as the product shifts to […]

The Problem With Sentiment Analysis | Fast Company | Business + …

During the 2012 presidential election, USA Today ran a daily feature in which its technology partner, Topsy (since acquired by Apple), provided a sentiment score for each candidate. On May 1st, the first day the feature ran, for instance, Barack Obama scored 34 and Mitt Romeny scored 26. On November 7th, the day after the election, Obama scored 85 and […]

How Viralheat Uses Social Mentions to Track Sentiment and Brand …

<< PREVIOUS</p>Social Scoreboard: Wednesday, October 15NEXT >>How ‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Reacted on Twitter to the Season 5 PremiereMediabistro CourseReel Reporting: Create Your ReelA good TV reporter won’t go far without a standout Demo Reel! Starting November 13, MediabistroEDU and Reel Reporting offer a three-day series for students interested in hosting and news reporting. In this Los Angeles based course, […]

New Internet Monitor Report: "Russia, Ukraine, and the West: Social …

New Internet Monitor Report: “Russia, Ukraine, and the West: Social Media Sentiment in the Euromaidan Protests”October 02, 2014Internet Monitor is delighted to announce the publication of “Russia, Ukraine, and the West: Social Media Sentiment in the Euromaidan Protests,” the fourth in a series of special reports that focus on key events and new developments in Internet controls and online activity.The […]

Apple-U2 Duet Causes a 41% Drop in Social Sentiment – Adweek

Apple and U2, both launched in 1976, have each been brought down to earth in the last week in a fashion neither brand has likely experienced. All things considered, they can partly thank social media for that. For instance, the brands’ 1997 efforts—Twentieth Anniversary Mac and Pop, respectively—were less than memorable, but then again, the fallout was minimal in the […]

Apple's iPhone 6 Stirs Up Techies' Social Sentiment

Tim Cook stated, “it is the next chapter in Apple’s story” as the technology giant revealed their latest batch of high-end consumer technology products, the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and Apple Watch at the Flint Performing Arts Center in Cupertino, California. The live-streamed event was visible around the world and millions responded almost instantly via social media, speaking along a series […]

Sentiment on social media turns negative for Capitec! | iSayiTrade …

Capitec’s share price is coming under pressure after Moody’s downgraded Capitec’s debt rating to junk status. The share price dropped from R243 to R203 in two weeks after the demise of African Bank (Abil) and the rating downgrade.
Capitec Bank share price drops!
Topsy measures social sentiment and rates millions of microblogs (mostly tweets) as positive or negative. Strong relationships have been […]

Social Media Sentiment Analysis on Robin Williams – EaseSocial

Analysis of people’s perception on Robin Williams death
Robin Williams was a popular Americal actor, stand-up comedian, film producer, and screenwriter. His many acclaimed films include Popeye, The World According to Garp, Good Will Hunting, Hook, Aladdin, Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji, Night at the Museum, and so on. He is best remembered for his voice role as the Genie in the animated […]

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An introduction to measuring and managing online sentimentLove. Hate. Frustration. Happiness. Security. Excitement. Satisfaction. Desire. Apprehension. Impatience.Just a small selection of common emotions that we feel pretty much every day, as we go about our lives. Many of these emotions are felt and experienced as we interact with hundreds of brands throughout the day. Perhaps it’s the steaming hot coffee and service of Starbucks in the morning, making you feel […]