Dark Age

Dark Age

from the original by

The Velvet Underground

‘Can I have your autograph?’ he said to the bowl-haired Fed Chair
You know, I’ve faded every call you’ve made
From small cap stocks to biotech funds
And when you dissed ‘valuation’
Gee, but I thought you were its main causation (?)
You’re over your head right now, and you’re hoping for luck
They’ll come running to you anytime you want them

‘Will you take a polygraph?’ he said to the ECB Pres
You know, I doubt everything you’ve said; that’s why I’ll fade the bourses
All that’s left is your ivory tower
Couldn’t take the real world even for an hour, but
You’re climbing a hill right now, needing help from above
You’re over the top right now, and they’re looking to shove
They’ll come gunning for you — bond vigilantes

Something’s got a hold on markets, and we all know what

It’s the beginning of a dark age, it’s the beginning of a dark age

It’s a Dark Age

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Dark Age

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