Ellen crashes Twitter with Epic selfie : Big Data @ the #Oscars …

Ellen crashes Twitter with Epic selfie : Big Data @ the #Oscars …

Ellen DeGeneres crashed Twitter.

Well, she didn’t intentionally did it, but that’s what happens when a famous person tweets an epic selfie during The 86th Academy Awards.

The infamous selfie includes Ellen, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Kevin Spacey, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Channing Tatum, Jared Leto, Lupita Nyong’o and her brother.  Originally, Ellen tried to take the selfie, but allowed Cooper to take it to get a better shot.

The photo wasn’t perfect, not everyone’s faces were visible, but it’s kind of cool to see famous people having a little bit of fun trying to cram their faces into such a small frame.

As for the crash, after Ellen tweeted this photo she was notified by Twitter that a new record has been made, and the photo is now the most re-tweeted photo on Twitter.

As of writing, the photo has been retweeted  2,476,165 times, and has been favorited 1,219,304 times, and the number just keeps rising.

Before Ellen’s famous selfie, the most tweeted image on Twitter was President Barack Obama’s “Four more years” tweet after his re-election, which has 781,593 retweets and 295,820 favorites.   And before that, the record was held by pop icon Justin Bieber for his “RIP Avalanna. i love you,” tweet with 223,405 re-tweets and 100,607 favorites.  The tweet was in memory of the late 6-year old brain cancer victim, Avalanna Routh, who “married” Bieber.

Big Data winners


For more fun numbers on this year’s Oscars, Farsite, the advanced analytics division of ICC, used Big Data to correctly predict this year’s Oscar winners.  It correctly predicted that Matthew McConaughey would win best actor for his role in the movie Dallas Buyers Club; Alfonso Cuaron to win best director for the movie Gravity; and 12 Months a Slave for the coveted prize of best picture, Jared Leto for best supporting actor in Dallas Buyers Club; Cate Blanchett for best actress in Blue Jasmine; and Lupita Nyong’o for best supporting actress in 12 Years a Slave.

Last year Farsite correctly predicted Christoph Waltz to win best supporting actor for Django Unchained, and Argo for Best Picture.

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Ellen crashes Twitter with Epic selfie : Big Data @ the #Oscars …

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