Exposing The #wolfpack 's Lies & How I Knew $SPLI $MINE $FRTD …

Exposing The #wolfpack 's Lies & How I Knew $SPLI $MINE $FRTD …


I detest stock promoters and pumpers who spread misinformation and lure in suckers and newbies to their penny stocks to get the prices pumped up for any number of evil reasons.

To help guide newbies I offer free video lessons HERE and a list of 60+ key trading rules here all for free.

As I show EVERY single trade I make HERE, I am doubly disgusted by those who claim big/predictable gains but fail to prove it over and over again as I do…which was the inspiration for Profitly, a place where the best traders can prove, day in day out, that they are profiting…and create longterm track records.

Several Profitly gurus do that and today on a day when the markets are red and I’m getting hundreds of sad emails from people who are losing big (not following my rule #1 of cutting losses quickly as I’ve been forced to do the last few weeks on MOBI, MVIS, SMSI, YOD, EKSO) today I’ve locked in several thousand dollars in profits and so too have these multi-millionaire traders:

Because we’ve been around for over a decade and know how to trade in bear markets…which sadly many of the current “trading geniuses” don’t as they’re true newbies, only having experienced a bull market.

Bull or bear market, we don’t always win, but as I tweeted when we’re wrong we cut our losses and move on…the mark of veteran/successful traders:

Unfortunately as you see in that tweet I must correct the misinformation/TERRIBLE TRADING ADVICE from the latest group of pumpers the #wolfpack, a group of newbies — who might or might not be compensated for their picks by these companies — who have questionably banked on weed stocks and are now hurting the past few days as the bull market appears to be ending.

The past few weeks as weed stocks have risen exponentially, the hashtag #wolfpack dramatically rose in popularity on Twitter as this group coordinated their buying together…very questionable to say the least…and they’ve attracted tons of poor people to their cause by tweeting about how they donate $50-$200 a pop to various charities (an interesting tactic, making six and seven figures pumping worthless companies and making it appear okay by donating a few bucks to lure the naive in, cute trick!)

(PS I don’t donate $50-$250 a pop, my donations are $15,000+ as you can read HERE not to mention dealing with and teaching the poorest, dumbest, most degenerate people in finance on a daily basis makes me the Jewish Mother Theresa!)

It’s funny/sad that the #wolfpack is even dumb enough to say “We’ve built these solid relationships across the country and now across all the social media forums!!! That’s the beauty. We are all working together” and “u guys have no idea what we are doing behind the scenes for support” which makes me think the worst of this group:

My guess is they’ll delete that tweet once they realize it basically violates several laws so I’ve taken a screenshot of it too:

When dealing with people like this, I KNOW HOW THE STOCKS WILL PLAY OUT BECAUSE PUMPED UP STOCKS NEVER END WELL…as I warned last week BEFORE these crashes today:

As the pumps crash “out of the blue” — nope, it’s not out of the blue, it’s the exact same pattern as detailed HERE — these pumpers and their followers naively thought (or more likely pretended to think) financials would help keep a pump like SPLI afloat:

Nope, THIS is the kind of research that matters

…this #wolfpack group is trying to hold strong, and like past penny stock pumpers like Awesome Penny Stocks, which got shutdown and investigated, lie & blame the shorts for their losses (as my first millionaire student wrote about HERE):

I saw this all coming last week as I warned EVERYONE, tweeting repeatedly the same kind of message:

TODAY I’M BEING PROVEN 100% DEAD ON as these stocks dropped 20-40% just like pumps of the past.

In case you’re wondering how pumps fare in the longterm, watch this video of 77 old pumps and look up their tickers (hint they’ve all dropped 90%+)

So to those of you ignore me, you deserve your losses, that’s what you get for trusting someone who has only been trading a few months and has barely made any money compared to me and other multi-millionaire veteran traders.

You don’t want to pay the premium Profitly newsletter fees HERE, well, enjoy the “fees” you’re paying infinitely more on due to your following misinformation.

Ever hear of the phrase you get what you pay for?

To answer some questions, is today’s crashing 20-30-40% in these pumps my fault?

Of course not.

I didn’t put out any fake negative news report as suggested this BULLSHIT image (which got taken down off Ihub but which was quickly spread by the #wolfpack (and yes wolfpackies I’m gonna see several of you in court, I hope you don’t lose all your money in these stocks because I’m gonna take whatever $ you have left for BLATANTLY LYING ABOUT ME)

I didn’t spread lies, hell, I didn’t even short any of these plays (so as not to be biased with my commentary in any way) although I should have…see my one actionable commentary on this group to my newsletter subscribers HERE near the market open:

So what now?

Well if you lost that sucks, but it could get worse as these pumps are all still up exponentially on SHIT.

The #wolfpack leader still hasn’t sold as he posted and quickly deleted (why, what do you have to hide you scumbag? Guess we’ll find out in court soon enough right?)

…tomorrow and the rest of this week is gonna suck as today’s drops will likely continue given my PennyStocking Framework 7-step pattern is at work perfectlyyyyy here…see this video lessons I made

Losers and winners alike go signup for my newsletters HERE so you can dig through my video lessons and see why I’m so confident and why I’m right FAR more often than I’m wrong…and best of all I teach risk management which newbies like the wannab wolf of weed street don’t know because they don’t have any experience!

Continued here:

Exposing The #wolfpack 's Lies & How I Knew $SPLI $MINE $FRTD …

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