HedgeChatter Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

What is HedgeChatter.com

HedgeChatter.com is a platform which monitors keywords, trends, conversations and social media stock sentiment across a range of social media sites allowing traders to watch activity for selected stocks and analyze trending social influence.
HedgeChatter is a big data FinTech company focused on analyzing social media stock chatter conversations and providing real-time social media financial signals to both the retail investors and hedge fund clients. HedgeChatter uses text mining, natural language processing, and both qualitative and quantitative analytics to determine buy signals from social media. Our algorithms automatically filter noise, correlate chatter, and process large quantities of real time conversations to deliver actionable insights and fresh stock ideas. Our customers include self-directed retail investors, day-traders, portfolio managers, research analysts, RIA’s, and hedge funds.

Why is Social Media Stock Sentiment Important?

As retail investors hedge funds, and portfolio managers increasingly turn to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to find hot stocks, they are in need of technologies that help them sort through the reams of the data social networks can provide them.
To solve this challenge HedgeChatter released a SaaS platform using a cloud-based social media analytics dashboard to provide investors and traders with social media intelligence about the popularity of stocks within social media networks.

How does it Work?

HedgeChatter.com is simple yet effective. Our platform monitors Financial chat messages throughout the day and runs extremely advanced algorithms to uncover the impact social media influence has on a company’s stock. The platform also shows ‘who’ exactly is influencing the stock price movement.

What Features Are Available?

Our platform offers the ability to instantly find and follow stocks and influencers. We’re also able to monitor sentiment for particular stocks to determine not only the over all feeling, but determine if someone is trying to purposely influence a given stock or set of stocks.
If an influencer does begin to influence a stock at any point, HedgeChatter.com’s daily scan will identify the content and update accordingly. An Alert List lets traders track Stocks and Influencers for competitive analysis, trending and keeping up to date with who’s saying what and what’s happening as a result.

How Important is Social Media Stock and Sentiment Analytics?

It’s not only vital for retail investors and day traders to engage in social media, it’s important to clearly understand the impact it has on a given stock and an overall portfolio.
As such, traders trying to understand who’s influencing the market, must also have deep social media analytical intelligence. It’s important that this data is simple to understand. It’s also important that it be meaningful in terms of gauging how and how often stocks are moving based on social media and other content influencers, when it’s being viewed, shared, discussed, and so on, within social media networks.