Harbowl? More Like Social Media Super Bowl | NetBase

Harbowl? More Like Social Media Super Bowl | NetBase

Forget second screen – in my case there were 3 (TV, iPad, laptop – did you manage to include a couple more?). I’m not sure what this means for the attention span of Americans, but I think we are all headed for national ADD. The lights went out, but there were still some shining stars during tonight’s Super Bowl: first and foremost, Twitter topped over 24 million tweets, surpassing the Twitter activity during the November re-election of President Obama.

Oreo took real-time digital marketing to a new extreme, upping the expectation for “in-the-moment” marketing. My friend Jason Falls, always good for a hilarious sound bite, set off a whole conversation about diaper rash cream, Boudreaux’s Butt Paste– and wouldn’t you know, tweeps chimed in.

In addition, the expectation for social analytics surrounding these campaigns demands instant publishing. I kept a NetBase dashboard live on my 3rd screen throughout the game, it was crazy to watch the numbers and word clouds evolve as commercials aired, Beyoncé performed and the power went out.   And, now that the game is over, here is what NetBase found about these brand’s Super Bowl commercials during the last 24 hours:

The graphic attached compares 8 of the 15 most buzzed about commercials by mentions, sentiment and passion intensity. The amount of chatter about a brand is indicated by the size of the bubble, while the placement of the bubble shows the sentiment (from top to bottom) and the intensity of passion (from left to right).

The Brand Passion Index above shows the top 8 most buzzed about commercials, but here is the top 15 list including mentions and positive sentiment percentages:

  1. Go Daddy (249,273 mentions: 14.67% positive)
  2. Doritos (137,509 mentions, 90.87% pos)
  3. Pepsi (47,176 mentions, 69.99% pos)
  4. Volkswagen (31,052 mentions, 84.08% pos)
  5. Budweiser (24,658 mentions, 83.37% pos)
  6. Dodge Ram (19,619 mentions, 77.66% pos)
  7. Taco Bell (19,783 mentions, 93.20% pos)
  8. Calvin Klein (16,532 mentions, 75.17% pos)
  9. NFL (Leon Sandcastle) (12,700 mentions, 91.54% pos)
  10. Blackberry (10,773 mentions, 55.36% pos)
  11. Mercedes (9,465 mentions, 63.11% pos)
  12. Oreos (8,122 mentions, 89.97% pos)
  13. Best Buy (6,771 mentions, 95.24% pos)
  14. Wonderful Pistachios (5,585 mentions, 64.54% pos)
  15. Jeep (4,729 mentions, 84.47% pos)

Once again, Doritos stole the show with a perfect Passion Intensity of 100 – amazing consistency! They stuck to making their audience laugh and it showed – social media users raved about how funny the commercials were.

Taco Bell also impressed social media users with their funny commercials, and use of a well-known song. People tweeted in droves about how much they loved it.

My kids had a giggle fit about the pistachio commercials and all broke into the dance – but they aren’t the ones tweeting, commenting and posting about the commercials (yet) – and it looks like most social media users have grown tired of Gangnam Style.

For me, such a concentration of campaigns from different brands always raises the question: is all buzz good buzz? Most marketers think so. Go Daddy always goes for the shock value and this year was no different. Go Daddy was on top when it came to share of volume, but only about 15% of the conversations were positive ones.

So, another year of commercials down – from the heart-touching to the just insane, what’d you think? Let me know in the comments!

Gretchen Hoffman

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