JumpGate – Campaign Guide and Corporate Notes

JumpGate – Campaign Guide and Corporate Notes

So I wanted to show off my Savage Worlds campaign guide. This is a set of brief notes, species, equipment, and edges (the notes are currently made for Savage Worlds, but do I plan to make some adjustments for Mini Six and Fudge). All of it detailing a combination of Space Opera, Stars Without Number, and Aliens all sort of crammed together. Great ships sail off to distant star. Starting up colonies and space ports with the ultimate goal of creating another jumpgate to bring more ships in a blink in the eyes. It is a world of exploration and expansion as humanity competes with other alien species to claim planet after planet for their faction. The player’s range from troubeshooters working for the corporation, free wheeling smugglers working the fringe worlds, explorers hired to seek out strange new worlds, or soldiers struggling to maintain the current grip a faction has on a planet.

You can download a free pdf here at my Google drive.

Now let’s talk about Earth.

In the JumpGate universe, Earth is a planet divided by two factions. The first are “the 12”, “the Big Dozen”. The corporations that before first contact unquestioningly ruled the planet Earth and began to slowly move towards the stars. The corporations themselves were overseen by the Commerce Council, a sort of semi-government created to make rulings of what the corporations could or could not do and use its volunteer-based military force, the Militia to enforce its rulings. As alien contact continued and alien species were unwilling to deal with private corporations, and in some cases became downright hostile to the corporations, there was finally a breaking point. Humans wanted to enjoy the gifts and advances these alien creatures could offer and it was a small price to pay if private companies had to step back and allow a legitimate government that was not for profit rise again. Enter the Terran Government.

The Terran Government is a continuation of the previous government before the Commerce Council was created and after the United Nations collapsed. Composed of four “regions” including: Anglo-America (U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, & Mexico), Europa (Continental Europe, Western Russia), Southern Hemisphere Block (South Block) (Africa, the Middle East, South America), and Pan-Asian Cooperative (Far East and Siberia). The four regions voted for a Director and from those Directors with the Commerce Council representative eventually picked a Chancellor who represented Earth to the Solar Federation (the Terran – Martian alliance in the Sol System) and the Galactic Union (the wider diplomatic body representing the systems known as the civilized universe). The actions of the Terran Government were at the time and are currently as game starts under the auspices of the Commerce Council. As the years have grown and the Terran Government has grown further in legitimacy and independence, the inevitable conflict between Government and Corporation stirs again. Now with more alien tech out there and more cries of independence in the colonies, speculation rises what shall become of Earth and who might gain the advantage in this upcoming conflict.

The Dozen represent the twelve larges corporations in the Commerce Council. They include:

Colonial Armory

Focus: Weaponry

Rep: Major developer in the fading projectile weaponry market, the still strong personal armor, gyrojet weaponry market, and ship armaments.

-Still uses overly jingoistic advertisements to help capture that “good ole days” feel of humanity, especially a warped view of “golden age” America.

-A lot of its slugthrower business comes from the fringe worlds as energy replaces weaponry in “Civil Space”. Has a major interest in Mecha tech.

Carthago Industries

Focus: Technology, Cybernetics, Telcoms

Rep: Technology powerhouse that continues to make computer systems for ship computers and public terminals. Also has a hand in military and civilian scanners, radar, and communications. Has a small interest in cybernetics.

-Has high level political connections with the Martian, Terran, and various Colonial Governments due to using its software to find “dirt” on key government players.

Meteor Enterprises

Focus: Shipyards, Shipping

Rep: Major shipwright corporation whose shipyards including the Martian Moons and special sites just outside the Asteroid Belt to gain access to special metals needed for ship construction and energy powering.

-Ownership is partly private and partly between the Terran and Martian government. One of the few industries that have some form of government oversight.

Mandell Mining

Focus: Ore Mining, Asteroid Mining, Fuel Refinery

Rep: Ore Giant with interests in asteroid and hostile planet mining to help maintain exclusivity over veins from its rivals: Axiom Corporation, the Saurian Mining Guild, and the Pleiadian Protectorate’s Infrastructure branch.

-Known for reliable, trustworthy group goods.

-Due to such high competition, it doesn’t help their PR that one of the top executives is a rather outspoken Xenophobe.

Pentago Planets
Focus: Colony Investment, Information Brokerage, Real Estate Speculation
Rep: Is a company famous for sponsoring colonies to fly out to distant planets and then selling exclusive rights to whatever resources that company has found to an interested party. It also has a hand on getting information and selling it to the highest bidder to help supplement its long term investment costs.

Commercia Station
Focus: Banking
Rep: The so-called “Bank of the Stars”. Commercia serves as both banking and stocks for the galaxy.

Stella Cooperative

Focus: Shipyards, Colonies

Rep: A company that has major investment in off-world ship construction, specifically in the closer stars of Alpha Centauri and Nova Prime.

-Serves the commercial industry as well as Xeno customers that are interested in Terran made products.

New Dawn Combine

Focus: Cybernetics, Gengineering, Biotech

Rep: Major industry in the alteration of animal and plant genetics, as well as altering the human body. Is known for creating Moreau animal-human hybrids.

-Heavily criticized by moral groups and ethics committees for constantly trying to “Play God”. Famous for back breeding avians into that of their ancestors, the dinosaurs, to create tourist preserve planets.

Rook Private Security

Focus: Mercenaries, Private Security, Weaponry

Rep: Private military corporation that deals in private security, police work, and paramilitary operations. Corporations often hire Rook’s much feared “Corporate Troubleshooters” when crimes need to be solved on corporate property.

-Rumors hint that Rook Private Security is secretly run by the Terran Government to keep tabs on the other corporations. Whether they may be true or not, well, that’s up to the GM.

Axiom Inc.

Focus: Conglomerate, Energy Weapons

Rep: The corporation of Mars that controls a little bit of everything on the red planet. On Earth, the corporation is known for its energy-based weaponry. Unlike the rest of the universe, Axiom pushes its “Blaster” line in the form of particle acceleration weapons.

-Based out of Mars and controlled by a combination of Greys and Humans.

-Counts Colonial Armory, Mandell Mining, and Rook Security as its rivals due to the Martian side’s interest in various areas of commerce, it’s just famous on Earth for the blasters.

-A major coup of the company is the exclusive market is has with humanity on energy weapons over Pleiadian made laser weaponry.

Rainbow Pharmaceuticals

Focus: Pharmaceuticals, Biotech

Rep: Largest food and drug producer both in the Sol System and in the galaxy. If you eat Earth-based snacks or smoke Earth-based grass, it was probably developed by Rainbow Pharma.

-Aggressively pursues illegal drug smuggling operations in sectors it has major influence. The company dislikes competition.

Compass Ring

Focus: Psionics, Biotech

Rep: Psionics crystal developer and protection devices. Created the “crystal trap” to capture invading psionicists. Works both with psionic and counter-psionics groups.

-Has major interests in the Psi-Police.

-Controlled by one of the largest cabals of psionicists in civil space.


JumpGate – Campaign Guide and Corporate Notes

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