Karachi stock exchange makes history, crosses 25,000 points …

Karachi stock exchange makes history, crosses 25,000 points …

Power to forgive: Mandela’s death and the Babri demolition anniversary

In India by the time we woke up to news of Nelson Mandela’s death it was already 6 December. For us that day marks a different anniversary. 6 December 1992 was the day the Babri Masjid came down and brought in its wake a communal horror which still haunts us. No truth. No reconciliation. Just bitterness.

Digital journalism: How the internet will save the Indian press

The Indian media are at a tipping point, hobbled by suspect financing, a history of servility, and a massive loss of public trust. The internet is no silver bullet, but it most certainly represents a lifeline.

Foot in mouth: Farooq Abdullah apologises for sexist remark

Farooq Abdullah managed to offend with a statement regarding women, claimed to apologise and then made another one.

R…Rajkumar review: Sonakshi, Shahid fail to save the r…regressive film

Prabhu Deva is making films that will make feminists want to throttle him to death and regular, sane, not-part-of-the-Khap people wonder why his films are so appallingly retro.

Delhi elections 2013: How AAP has changed the polling game

Whether or not AAP succeeds, the party has shown it is possible to fight elections on low budget, without musclemen, without experienced politicians, by adopting innovative methods, and largely eschewing the temptation to appeal for votes on the basis of caste and religion.

Truth behind Tehelka: Tejpal’s non-journalism and society’s colluders

It is this brand of politics, which prefers fiction to truth, that suits India’s current rulers the best. It is this brand of journalism that Tejpal served up to the gullible both in India and abroad.

Delhi polls: Will urban voter apathy be the undoing of AAP?

However, the worst enemy the AAP can find is people like us who vent ire and grief but do not walk to the polling booths

Why selfish BCCI needs to see the bigger picture

What the BCCI’s claims amount to is a board that already has more money than it knows what to do with simply more cash to stash because, well, because it does.

Article 370: Why BJP fear to say Modi, party are not on same page

Modi’s call for a “debate” on Article 370 had put the party on a spot.

Delhi polls: Why Congress, BJP may have little to fear from AAP

A hung assembly would set the political clock back by about a decade in Delhi, which has always given a decisive mandate for assembly or parliamentary elections.

Why Jerry Pinto’s Facebook post about the Tehelka case made us angry

Why would not one but several level-headed women writers explode over a Facebook status post, and revisit a case of sexual harassment that was reported two years ago?

A culture of distrust: How India’s ruling class feeds on paranoia

Pratap Bhanu Mehta argues that a changing India has left the ruling class uncertain of its position, and is therefore resorting to “intellectual closure and emotional crudity” to preserve itself.

Article 370: Modi’s call for a debate is nothing new for BJP

The BJP has conveniently upped and lowered the ante on its demand for repealing Article 370 of the constitution through the years.

How AAP, Arvind Kejriwal could change the face of Delhi politics

With barely a year since its launch, the Arvind Kejriwal-led party is set to take Delhi’s political circles by storm in the upcoming 4 December elections.

Money matters: Financial tips for live-in couples

And typically such a couple would be double-income earning, but God forbid, if thing goes wrong? You would not want to continue with the arrangement. You have freedom to that extent. But this comes with a price. So here are a few

Salman Khan tells Karan Johar he’s a virgin and a teetotaller

If you’ve watched the show, then you know why Khan doesn’t go for interviews. Twelve hours later, I’m still trying to make sense of what he said.

Snoopgate: Why an inquiry commission won’t solve Modi’s problem

It is worth recalling that the Modi government’s record in the matter of setting up commissions is a dubious one.

Positioning Nano as world’s cheapest car a mistake: Tata

In an interview to CNBC, Ratan Tata said he believes the mini-car still has the potential to take off in the home market.

Chart: Why this week will determine if Nifty will rally to its all-time high

Nifty has neared its penultimate resistance level of 6200 which must be broken for the index to test its all time highs. This week is crucial to determine if the index will rally to its all time high.

Bullett Raja review: Saif, Sonakshi in Dhulia’s silliest film till date

It’s difficult to decide what is the most disappointing aspect of Bullett Raja.

Decoder: Why running a bank did not make sense for Tata Sons

The reason for the Tatas withdrawing the application for a banking license can be best explained through a line that Walter Bagehot, the great editor of The Economist wrote in his 1873 classic Lombard Street: A Description of the Money Market. As Bagehot wrote “the main source of profitableness of established banking is the smallness of requisite capital.”

Corporate India should watch out: What #OperationBlueVirus tells us

Brands have been gaming social media since social media existed, as have individuals and political parties. But a few of the ‘services’ offered are disturbing – and could cause serious trouble for the companies concerned and their clients.

Is Tarun Tejpal and his credibility finished with the sexual assault charges?

Has Tarun Tejpal destroyed his credibility completely with the sexual assault case against him?

How Ryan Giggs was discovered by a milkman in Manchester

Dennis Schofield was a part-time Manchester City scout and a milkman when he saw an eight-year-old bamboozle defenders on the left-wing in a kick-about.

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Karachi stock exchange makes history, crosses 25,000 points …

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