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Stock Price Manipulation Detection

A definitive guide for understanding stock price manipulation through the use of social media.

Case Study Example
Company: Organovo Holdings, Inc.
Ticker: ONVO

Download the Stock Price Manipulation Detection-ONVO.PDF
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Generating Alpha Against Social Media Stock Price Manipulation

A trading overview for generating alpha when stock price manipulation through social media is detected.

Company: Exelixis, Inc.
Ticker: EXEL

Trade to Execute: Short

Thesis: Based on previous Social Buy Signals, the company reversed each and every time. Social Manipulation Index Volatile over past 1 year. Market Sentiment 60% Sell. Aug 11th Earning Release Date Set - Anticipated Negative Based on Chatter Reduction.

Trade Executed:
  • Aug 3rd 6:35pm - Recommended Short on EXEL for next day Aug 4th
  • Aug 4th EXEL Stock Price Open - $6.25
  • Aug 4th EXEL Stock PriceClose - $6.62
  • Aug 4th EXEL Shorted at: $6.30 (Sell)
  • Aug 11th Earnings Released - EXEL Missed Earnings and reported Quarterly Loss
  • Aug 12th Mid Afternoon EXEL Stock Price - $5.56
  • Aug 12th Mid Afternoon EXEL Buy to Cover @ 5.56
  • Net Return = $0.74 per share
  • 11% gain in 8 Calendar days
Download the HedgeChatter Case Study: Stock Price Manipulation Detection.
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