Social Media Stock Manipulation

Learn How to Profit Using Social Media Stock Manipulation Detection

Without question, big data advancements have altered approaches to stock trading. Social Media has clearly become a game changer for how financial services firms obtain critical information to make correct decisions.

"Generate Alpha and Reduce Risk"

The advent of Social Media has ushered in a new era of stock price manipulation including the infamous pump & dump. Twenty years ago it was boiler rooms, ten years ago it was hired bloggers, and today it's as simple as a $50 piece of software which can mimic thousands of online users simultaneously.

Coupled with our best-in-class platform and engineering support, our goal is to provide our clients a superior core offering to assist them in not just discovering new paths to alpha, but in preemptively mitigating risk.

Social Manipulation is Expected to Grow 60% Over the Next Year.

To learn more about Social Media Stock Market Price Manipulation Detection and how HedgeChatter can assist you in utilizing the latest social metrics to generate above average returns in the markets, simply download the pdf.

Download the Stock Manipulation Detection Overview

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Stock Manipulation Detection Overview
Table of Contents:
  • Pg4 - Purpose of HedgeChatter
  • Pg5 - Predictive Analytic Factors
  • Pg6 - SEC Alert: Social Media and Investing
  • Pg7 - Abstract: Pump&Dump
  • Pg8 - Social Media Manipulation: Core Strategies
  • Pg9 - Global Market Manipulation: Attack
  • Pg10 - Global Market Manipulation: Resolution
  • Pg11 - Global Perspective Equities Manipulation: Attack & Resolution
  • Pg12 - Single Perspective Equity Manipulation: Attack
  • Pg13 - Single Perspective Equity Manipulation: Resolution
  • Pg14-19 - Stock Manipulation Detection Example: ONVO