Need Context With Social Sentiment? Talk To Customers

Need Context With Social Sentiment? Talk To Customers

In a world full of signals from social media and its underlying sentiment, marketers are scrambling to find meaning. They may have pages of power point slides and charts that indicate sentiment and topics related to their brands, but often wonder:

*Are these people talking about my brand my actual customers or just random followers?

*What does the sentiment analysis imply about my product, brand or marketing campaign & what action can my team take to address it?

CEO Matt Warta spoke at the 360i customer summit on September 13 with a clear answer: Simply talk to your customers. While the advice may seem simple, it is often overlooked in the fast-pace of product and creative launches and compressed timelines. Warta pointed out that in an HBR article, F1000 marketing departments were only using consumer data 11% of the time. The main culprit being the lack of affordable, real-time tools to talk to customers. With a next generation of platforms like GutCheck, uSamp’s, and Google’s Consumer Surveys, those days may be in the past soon.

Warta was joined on stage by 360i’s Group Director of Insights and Planning Kate Paulin. Together, they led a workshop discussion about social media’s impact on consumer insights. Key take-aways from that discussion and the conference include:

Social media and Big Data present major challenges and opportunities for marketers. Help is needed not only in interpreting this data, but also processes need to built to disseminate the information around the organization in an efficient way.
Likes will become passé. Grey Poupon’s Like campaign is a good indicator that brand’s might not be finding value in most of their Likes.
Risk taking is required. To get above the noise, brands are taking risks with social media. Brands are being more experimental and carving off reasonable percentages of their budgets on riskier projects like the Barter Bacon campaign from Oscar Meyer.

For more information on how GutCheck works with clients to bring context to social sentiment, contact us today at [email protected].

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Need Context With Social Sentiment? Talk To Customers

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