Nobel Prize Economist Warns Of Stock Market Bubble …

Nobel Prize Economist Warns Of Stock Market Bubble …

Nobel Prize Economist Warns Of Stock Market Bubble

December 1st, 2013

BERLIN (Reuters) – An American who won this year’s Nobel Prize for economics believes sharp rises in equity and property prices could lead to a dangerous financial bubble and may end badly, he told a German magazine.

Robert Shiller, who won the esteemed award with two other Americans for research into market prices and asset bubbles, pinpointed the U.S. stock market and Brazilian property market as areas of concern.

“I am not yet sounding the alarm. But in many countries stock exchanges are at a high level and prices have risen sharply in some property markets,” Shiller told Sunday’s Der Spiegel magazine. “That could end badly,” he said.–sector.html

Shiller Worried About “Boom In US Stocks… Bubbles Look Like This”

Many of us in the financial world know these to be classic features of speculative peaks, but there is career risk in responding to them, so even those who view the situation with revulsion can’t seem to tear themselves away.

Fed’s INFINITE Rise in Stock Market! Collapse Ignored

Faber: ‘We are in a massive speculative bubble’

Faber said the markets, which have reached record highs, could still rise before the bubble bursts, if stimulus programs such as the Federal Reserve’s massive monthly bond purchases and super-low interest rates continue.

“Now can the market go up another 20 percent before it tumbles?” Faber said on “Squawk Box”. “Yeah, it can go up even more, if you print money.”


Clear evidence of a fed driving stock market bubble!

The fed is probably going to print itself into oblivion according to peter schiff

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December 1st, 2013 |

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Nobel Prize Economist Warns Of Stock Market Bubble …

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