OrionSpan Space Hotel – Pay with Crypto

Who Doesn't Want Moon?

In the world of Crypto where everyone wants "Moon", this might just be the next step to get you there and the people over at Orion Span are leading the charge.

Orion Span is setting out to launch the Aurora Station. It's being billed as the World's First Luxury Space Hotel, although any Space Hotel that launches first will be able to grab that title. Orbiting 200 miles above the Earth's surface the Aurora Station is set to be appointed with luxurious accommodations ti include private suites, numerous windows, ofcourse weightlessness, and as they say, "world's only authentic astronaut experience". Look out Richard Branson.
Launch date is targeted for 2021 so you have a few years to make sure to get your best space suit dry cleaned.

Pricing? Who cares, this is for a space hotel experience and in all reality is probably a bit higher than your last Airbnb. But, if you must know, its only $9.5 Million per person.. I say "only" because as of just a few days ago they began accepting Crypto for both the deposit ($80K) and the full trip price and if you already went to the moon with crypto, then its just a drop in the bucket for you.

Currently Orion Span has stated they have 26 reservations from around the world – including North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and beyond (not sure where "beyond" actually is, but they got a reservation from there).

Occupancy? 4 Guests and 2 Crew Members at a time.

According to their website they have two locations. One in San Mateo and one in Houston.. Guessing Houston might be where liftoff takes place.

Pros? Almost gets you moon, closer than anyone you know.. You'll also undergo Astronaut Training and get an Astronaut Certification. Imagine your friends reactions when you add that to your Linkedin profile.

Crypto Accepted? Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin

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To The Moon

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