Reality Just Monkey Hammered Social Mood

Reality Just Monkey Hammered Social Mood

Amid all of the fun and excitement we forgot to pause to remember the latest generation of Etraders just cashed out by Wall Street. Yesterday:
In other words, Social Mood just got monkey hammered by reality. Unlike Prechter who “believes” that social mood is the primary driver of everything. Reality IS the primary driver of everything. Slight difference. Reality doesn’t give a flying fuck what people “believe”. So for those hiding under their bed from reality, it’s only ever a matter of time until they receive an “unexpected visit”. Not to say that Social Mood aka. despair/euphoria doesn’t exist – only to say that there’s somewhat of a feedback loop when people lose everything.

As we see below, another Wall Street pump and dump just ended…

We’ve seen this movie before, we know how it ends
Nasdaq with % of stocks above 200 dma

We’ve seen this movie too:
Schwab Etrader platform:

And this one
Northern Trust: Asset Aggregator

The leading sector since 2009: -17%

The beloved Netflix -19%

IPOs punk’d back to 2013. The pump and dump is over:

iPhoney: World’s largest stock by market cap
Rallying back to a -18% loss:

World’s largest IPO: Alibabylon
Announced last night that revenue growth is at a 3 year low…

Skynet just ran out of sheeple to monetize

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Reality Just Monkey Hammered Social Mood

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