Rubikloud Raises $1 Million To Drive Conversion Rates With Big Data

Rubikloud Raises $1 Million To Drive Conversion Rates With Big Data

E-commerce companies rely on a number of signals to tell them when customers are likely to make a purchase and where they might drop off. But in many cases, they rely on several different backend systems that all measures different parts of the business.

A new startup called Rubikloud seeks to simplify all that, with a single platform that uses big data to analyze their businesses and improve conversion rates. To do that, the company has raised $1 million in seed funding led by Li Ka Shing’s Horizons Ventures, MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund (IAF), and some other angel investors.

Rubikloud was founded by Kerry Liu, Daniel Theirl, and Frank Thomas, three entrepreneurs in Toronto. Liu has previously worked for Strangeloop Networks, which was acquired by Radware earlier this year. While there, he realized one of the issues that the company had was showing a relationship between infrastructure and conversion rates, due to all the different siloed analytics solutions customers used.

By plugging right into customer’s backend infrastructure, Rubikloud provides a new way to analyze a huge amount of origin and performance information. That takes about a half hour to install, according to Liu. And the company has also built custom connectors to pull data from some other siloed analytics systems. Once that’s done, customers will have a powerful dashboard for measuring conversion and revenue.

Instead of building a platform for pulling various reports, customers can get answers to questions about performance in real time. For instance, they can pose queries and find out how different browsers perform in different geographies, as well as the resulting conversion rate.

Rubikloud has grown from three to seven employees over the last few months, as it’s been testing its platform in beta with half a dozen different clients. The company expects to publicly launch its product early next year.

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Rubikloud Raises $1 Million To Drive Conversion Rates With Big Data

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