Sentiment Surrounding Obamacare On Social Media | Twitter Trends

Sentiment Surrounding Obamacare On Social Media | Twitter Trends


Over the last month, Obamacare has taken many shots from its opposition. The CBO released a damaging report on how the law will affect employment over the coming years, and numerous stories detailing how the healthcare law has negatively impact Americans have continued to surface.

Now, with President Obama’s approval numbers slipping, we looked at the recent perception on social media of the president’s biggest legislative achievement.

Using the analysis tool Crimson Hexagon we found that, since February 13 2014, opposition on social media to Obamacare stands at more than double the support of the law.

Of the 660,968 relevant posts, opposition to Obamacare makes up 30 percent of the conversation while supportive posts make up just 12 percent.

Also, opposition on social media has increased three percent, while the amount of users in support of the law has stayed relatively flat.

These results should be concerning to the White House; it shows that they face an uphill battle to turn the sentiment around on the healthcare law, and what they have been doing so far has not been working.

While many different issues will pop up over the next couple of months, Obamacare will continue to dominate the headlines leading into the 2014 mid-term elections. The Obama administration will have plenty of opportunities to turn that perception around, but the opposition has been bolstered by the CBO report and it will continue to become harder and harder to sway Americans when they see the negative affects of the law around them.

What are your thoughts on the sentiment surrounding Obamacare? Will the Obama administration be able to turn around the negative perception of the law? Tweet your thoughts to @BankruptingAm and let us know.

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Sentiment Surrounding Obamacare On Social Media | Twitter Trends

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