Social media sentiment analysis after Armaan Kohli got arrested on …

Social media sentiment analysis after Armaan Kohli got arrested on …

Analysis of people’s perception after reality show Bigg Boss participant Armaan Kohli gets arrested on a complaint filed by Sofia Hayat

This season of Bigg Boss has been in the highlights for all the wrong reasons. And with show contestant, Armaan Kohli, getting arrested after evicted contest Sofia Hayat filed a complaint with the Mumbai police accusing Armaan of assaulting her, the show’s TRPs are likely to hit a new high again. The viewers will also be eagerly waiting for the Saturday episode to see what the show host Salman Khan, who is Armaan’s old friend, has to say about this whole controversy.

The police has booked Armaan under sections 324, 509, 506 and 504 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) though it is unlikely that Armaan won’t return to the show within the next few days. Sofia Hayat has gained quite some popularity across social media for taking this bold step, some of her followers calling her the “Nirbhaya” while some calling her another wannabe Rakhi sawant. Whatever be the case, she has definitely given a boost to the show’s ratings and this step of hers, will surely ensure that there won’t be another Armaan treating women badly in the upcoming seasons of Bigg Boss.

We know that the questions in your mind are: “What are the sentiments of masses after Arman was arrested? Are the views of the average Indian in favour of Armaan or is there a sympathy wave arising for him? After this incident who is more likely to win Bigg Boss”? So lets answer all these by analyzing the social media reactions after Armaan’s arrest:

Here are the key findings of the people’s perception based on the sentiment analysis performed using EaseSocial:

Post Analysis

• Surprisingly the number of negative posts after Armaan’s arrest were much more than the posts from the people supporting him. This tells us only one thing: Mr. Kohli you have earned yourself some serious critics during your stint in the show. Usually, after one gets evicted(or arrested in this case) there is a sympathy wave for him but this ain’t the case with Armaan as there have been 450 negative posts towards him as compared to the 340 positive posts from people supporting him.

Noise analysis performed by EaseSocial:

• EaseSocial defines Noise as the number of time a particular keyword has been mentioned in Social Media, “more the mentions more the noise.”

EaseSocial monitored social media responses around Bigg Boss in all the major social media networks and found:

•Analysis of social networks clearly showed that users on Twitter were the most active. Google Plus users were also very active and posted over 281 posts in less than a few hours of the news getting out.

Preview of user comments found by EaseSocial :

Here are some comments posted across social media networks, EaseSocial shows both the comments as well as the sentiment of the comments: (Every comment has a bar below it, which we call the Sentiment Bar. Longer Green Bar means more Positive sentiments while longer Red Bar means more Negative sentiments)

How posts on Bigg Boss were trending across Social Media:

As can be seen from the analysis below, where we analysed the social media mentions about Bigg Boss from 16th December to 17th December and saw that Twitter users led the pack and were posting roughly ten times more than all social media networks combined. This does tell us something about the Bigg Boss’s audience: They are young(as over 62% of the Twitter population in India is below 29 years) and love sharing their opinions quickly(with small 140 character tweets).

If we analyse the daily timings when people were the most active about the show on social media then we would realize that interest of Twitter users peaks right at the time the show airs. Though yesterday, there were constant crests and troughs after the news of Armaan’s arrest broke out.

Who are the Social media Influencers with respect to Bigg Boss?

We call those accounts social media influencers, whose posts have gained the maximum popularity across social media. Popularity is represented in terms of likes, shares and retweets.

How Sentiment analysis can be beneficial to brands:

• Engaging your audience on social media is a herculean task. Your target audience may or may not be interested in you postings, blogs and other uploads across social media. Trending topics are always helpful but which of those can actually help you to engage your target audiences is always a tough ask. So, how do you know if your target audience would actually like what you have to say? Well, the simple answer is: Do a sentiment analysis on the trending topics using Ease Social and find out the response on various social media networks.

• EaseSocial also helps you to review the popularity of your previous posts, hourly and daily noise, the social media network which is enabling the maximum penetration to your brands posts and many more helpful statistics.

• Sentiment Analysis also provides an opportunity for failing brands to understand where they are lagging and what is it that they need to improve.

You can also download this report from the link given below. Hundreds of users are using Social media sentiment analysis to gain useful insights. Generate your own sentiment analysis reports using EaseSocial. Sign up for EaseSocial today and experience the power of social media.


Social media sentiment analysis after Armaan Kohli got arrested on …

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