Social Net Advocacy Pulse (SNAP) — Live from the Measurement …

Social Net Advocacy Pulse (SNAP) — Live from the Measurement …

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Social Net Advocacy Pulse (SNAP) — Live from the Measurement Pre-Conference

Coverage of this session by Kristen Platt of Connect with her by following her on Twitter.

3:50 —’s Megan Uithoven introduces Dell’s Marketing Director of Social Media, Munish Gupta.

3:51 — Munish: From a strategy perspective, Dell is going through a transformation to include service solutions.

3:53 — Dell has more than 7 years of social media experience (since 2006). In 2007, they created the IdeaStorm to reach out to customers directly and get their input on products and services.

3:55 — In 2010, they launched their Social Media Command Center to listen and monitor mentions and conversations about their brand on social media.

3:56 – Munish says that based on customer feedback, Dell created social media services in 2012 by integrating their command center into everyday company objectives.

3:57 — Motivations for developing this metric:

Poor sentiment accuracy (majority of social media posts classified as neutral)
No contextual information (no actionable insights)
Too many metrics (pretty graphs and charts, but what is really important?)
Ease of use (how to integrate social in your business)

3:59 — Munish says context is key for business insights. Social media listening tools don’t always measure the correct sentiment of social media posts. The goal is to determine the correct sentiment value of each idea in the customer’s post.

4:01 — Munish: Every social conversation affects the advocacy of your brand. The single most important thing according to the Dell team is brand advocacy. Conversations > Interaction/Experience > Brand advocacy.

4:02 — Munish: Dell created their own social brand advocacy metric called SNA: Social NET Advocacy, where Advocacy = indicator of purchase intent.

4:03 — Helps determine the strength of the sentiment, the relevance, and what the customer is actually talking about. SNA Brings together information about the author from multiple sources and recognizes context.

4:05 — SNAP = Social Net Advocacy Plus: Aggregates all posts from social channels, enriches the individual posts by assigning a topic/category to the conversation, collates, and finally delivers a more accurate sentiment.

4:06 — Munish: It’s an aggregated metric that is easy to monitor and track. It also gives the ability to drill down for various aspects of the business in order to uncover the positive and problem areas (gives actionable insights).

4:07 — Finally, SNAP provides targeted listening by enabling conversations of interest to be sliced/diced by categories and delivered to different business managers.

4:09 — Munish: The application is not just in marketing — it’s across all the different functions in your business: product development, HR, legal, customer service, etc.

4:10 — Munish explains how SNAP helps Dell deep-dive into various support issues by zeroing in on specific problems. He also shares how SNAP optimizes pricing/promo stategies as calculated from social media conversations. Since the SNA of a particular product was high (even though certain conversations complained of too-high a price), Dell decided to keep the price as a result.

4:11 — Munish: Dell uses SNAP as a real-time NPS (Net Promoter Score) and as a leading indicator. They found a strong correlation between the two metrics after the lag.

Q & A:

Q: What metric did not serve your needs here?

A: I focused here on listening tools. Most listening tools don’t go into this kind of detail that we wanted to zero in on. That’s why we created our own metric to measure those conversations. I feel that the social listening market is still very new, and there’s still lots of room for innovation within that industry.

December 9, 2013

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Social Net Advocacy Pulse (SNAP) — Live from the Measurement …

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