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Crypto & ICO Alerts
Before the Price Moves


  • ZSAN up 1,323% 5 days after Upside Alert
  • HMNY up 89.9% 5 days after Upside Alert
  • RIOT up 42% 5 days after Upside Alert
  • HMNY up 245.8% 10 days after Upside Alert
  • NFLIX up 11.4% 5 days after Upside Alert
  • TVIX up 21% 5 days after Upside Alert
  • ATOS up 48% 1 day after Upside Alert


  • AXON drop -73% 1 day after Downside Risk Alert
  • DRYS drop -14% 5 days after Manipulation Alert
  • SNAP up 9% 5 days after Manipulation Alert
  • SNAP up 35% 5 days after Manipulation Alert

HedgeChatter is so strong at detecting Manipulation that our Platform has been used in Lawsuits against pumpsters:

UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK: Case 1:15-cv-10162-JMF / Alleged fraudulent and manipulative scheme to inflate ANAVEX LIFE SCIENCES CORP stock price using social media - filed May 13th, 2016

Now we're focusing our BIG DATA SOCIAL ALERT ENGINE on Cryptos and ICO's

Imagine being able to listen to millions of conversations and knowing which Stock, Crypto, or ICO is about to take off, when it begins, rather than being one of the last to find out.
By Mining Millions of Social Conversations in Real-Time, the HedgeChatter platform is able to do just that and Alert our customers on which Crypto's or ICO's are about to skyrocket or tank.

With the HedgeChatter Crypto Platform You'll Be Able to Clearly View:

  • Cryptos about to Accelerate in price.

  • The most talked about Crypto's & ICO's in the community.

  • Crypto's Generating Strong BUY Signals.

  • Crypto's Generating Strong SELL Signals.

  • Crypto's Generating Upside Alerts.

  • Crypto's Generating Downside Risk Alerts.

  • Crypto's & ICO's quickly Accelerating UP in Social Conversations.

  • Crypto's & ICO's quickly Accelerating DOWN in Social Conversations.

  • Crypto's Getting PUMPED for quick upside gains.

  • And Crypto's which have been Over Pumped and are due for a massive price drop.

The HedgeChatter platform provides quick insight into the universe of social chatter, without having to manually read thousands of posts and messages.

Resulting in the ability to trade for significant gains and avoid the risky scams or being caught on the wrong side of a trade.

HedgeChatter has been invited to open the London Stock Exchange twice

and is trusted by over 5,000 customers around the world.


*** Pre-Release *** Private Registration NOW OPEN

We're launching a special Pre-Release offer which will include:
  1. Reduced Intro Pricing for the HedgeChatter Crypto Platform
  2. Free Stellar Lumens (XLR)

*** Pre-Release *** Private Registration Closes In:

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