4 Proven Methods For Getting Rich In The Stock Market | Benzinga

This piece contains the opinions of deep value investor Tim Melvin that do not reflect the opinions of have always been a student of the markets. Since my first disastrous experience as a broker with a Dean Witter ‘stock of the day,’ I figured out pretty quick that I better spend time researching stock picks as the firms didn’t […]

Stock Market Game, WSJ report – Business Insider

Wikimedia CommonsNot professional investors.This is not how you learn about investing. Via The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Zweig:This past week, some of the hottest portfolios in the country—funds with names like Canyonville, Westminster and Passaic Valley—shut down after racking up spectacular returns.These aren’t hedge funds. They are play-money funds run by high-school students for a stock-picking contest.[…]Ryan McCabe and Vincent Botti, […]

P2P Foundation » Blog Archive » From (inter)objective Big Data to …

From (inter)objective Big Data to (inter)subjective Deep DataMichel Bauwens16th August 2014
The real problem of big data is that we are increasingly outsourcing our capacity to sense and think to algorithms programmed into machines. While this seems very convenient and cool at first and offers access to services that many of us want, it also raises a question about who actually […]

Google Searches Linked to Stock Market Moves – Scientific American

Wanna know what the most popular movies, albums and video games are? Ask the internet. But don’t Google it. Check what other people Googled. That’s the theory behind Google Flu Trends—which crunches search data to forecast flu prevalence. With admittedly mixed results.Nevertheless, researchers have applied the idea to the stock market. They found that when searches related to business and […]

Google Searches About Politics Predict the Stock Market – IEEE …

The number of Google searches related to business and politics can help predict falls in the stock market, researchers at the University of Warwick, in England, say.Scientists have recently begun investigating what people look for on Google and Wikipedia to help forecast the future. For instance, prior research has shown the rate at which people look up information about the […]

Google searches can predict stock market crashes – study — RT USA

Google searches can predict stock market crashes – studyPublished time: July 29, 2014 17:43Get short URLReuters / Lucas JacksonTagsInternet, Markets, SciTechGoogle searches for various business and politics topics can predict future stock market crashes, according to a new study.Researchers at the Warwick Business School analyzed search terms between 2004 and 2012, finding an increase in internet searches preceded market falls.The […]

How Google Searches Can Predict The Next Stock Market Crash …

When will the stock market crash? As with most everything else, the answer lies within Google.In a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers from Warwick Business School and Boston University have created a method to identify search terms that precede a stock market crash.To help algorithms identify these patterns, the research team categorized every […]

Big Data school : 5 training programs for R language | SiliconANGLE

Big Data school : 5 training programs for R language Mellisa Tolentino | July 14thREAD MOREThere’s little surprise in seeing Java top the list of popular programming languages for 2014, but another language is gaining traction. R, the free software programming language and developer environment for statistical computing and graphics, cracked IEEE Spectrum’s top 10 list this year. With today’s wealth […]

Bay Area data scientists have come together to support this big data …

Imagine that your local ambulance and fire dispatch runs on an algorithm developed with the help of the data scientists who built Lyft’s grid-optimization system.Bayes Impact, a big data focused nonprofit, launched its fall 2014 fellowship last week to make that actually happen.Former Eventbrite lead data scientist Paul Duan, nonprofit veteran Andrew Jiang, and former Thomvest Ventures analyst Eric Liu founded […]

Is Wall Street Rigged? New Report Looks At High-Frequency Trading

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