Stock market plunges since 2007 – Business Insider

It has been a wild few days in the markets.US markets are rallying Wednesday after an ugly day Tuesday, which saw stocks rally sharply early in the day before a huge sell-off in the final hour of trading.But as interesting as it is to track the play-by-plays, it’s also worth taking a gander at how this recent plunge looks relative to others.This chart from Doug Short highlights […]

How low could stocks go? – Business Insider

Hulton Archive/Getty ImagesThe stock-market tumble of the past week has reminded everyone that stock prices also go down.So this seems a good time to remind everyone that stock prices could go down a lot further. In fact, stock prices have to go down a lot further — or, at least, have to stay generally flat for a very long time […]

Stocks are frighteningly expensive! – Business Insider

Getty Images/Mohd RasfanAs regular readers know, for the past ~21 months I have been worrying out loud about US stock prices. Specifically, I have suggested that a decline of 30% to 50% would not be a surprise.I haven’t predicted a crash. But I have said clearly that I think stocks will deliver returns that are way below average for the next […]

Stock market margin debt – Business Insider

Doug Short, Advisor PerspectivesHere’s some encouraging news for stock-market bears …Margin debt (red in the chart above) hit a new high in April.Even after adjusting for inflation, margin debt is now higher than it was at the peak of the great bull market in 2000 and the echo bull market in 2007.What is “margin debt”?It’s the amount of money stock […]

Stock Market Diamond Formation Breaks Down :: The Market Oracle …

Stock Market Diamond Formation Breaks DownStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2015May 23, 2015 – 01:38 PM GMTBy: Anthony_CherniawskiWhat do you know…the Megaphone formation has turned into a Diamond formation. It appears to have broken down beneath the Diamond in the final minutes of trading. In addition, the futures are lower after the close. We probably won’t have absolute certainty until Monday. […]

Ten Questions Every Investor Should Ask Before Buying A Stock

Disclaimer: This Blog, its owner, creator & contributor is neither a research analyst nor an Investment Advisor and expressing opinion only as an Investor in Indian equities.He/She is not responsible for any loss arising out of any information,post or opinion appearing on this blog.Investors are advised to do own due diligence and/or consult financial consultant before acting on any such […]

Stock Market Poised for a Flash Crash :: The Market Oracle …

Stock Market Poised for a Flash CrashStock-Markets / Financial CrashApr 15, 2015 – 07:56 PM GMTBy: Anthony_CherniawskiMy earlier thesis of an unfinished retracement in SPX hit the nail on the head. Note that it didn’t go above the March 23 high, verifying the weakening uptrend. I recalibrated the Megaphone formation and verified it as an Orthodox Broadening top rather than […]

Today's Stock Market Rally Only Makes Things Worse :: The Market …

Today’s Stock Market Rally Only Makes Things WorseStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2015Apr 06, 2015 – 05:18 PM GMTBy: Anthony_CherniawskiThe Primary Dealers are using this morning’s action as another selling opportunity. A lot of retail traders had layered in buy orders all the way down to 2050.00 which may have been filled on Friday. This is a ready market for the […]

Stock market valuations don't matter until they … – Business Insider

Screenshot via Bloomberg TVLiz Ann SondersFA Insights is a daily newsletter from Business Insider that delivers the top news and commentary for financial advisors.Stocks are rallying despite the drop in earnings expectations (Charles Schwab)Charles Schwab Chief Investment Strategist Liz Ann Sonders notes, “History shows that market valuation doesn’t necessarily matter…until it does.” S&P 500 forward earnings-per-share growth has turned negative […]

The State of The Markets…2015

Share on StockTwitsEmbedThings have for sure gotten tougher in the markets despite the free money, low interest rate environment.The 10 year yield in the USA is below 1.80 percent. You can buy that, not me. I would rather have cash and a few bitcoins below $200.Despite the boom in biotech and private investing, the overall ‘tape’ has changed. I could […]