The Worst-Performing Biotech Stocks Of 2014

It was generally a good year for biotechnology stocks, but the sector remains a risky one. Below are 20 biotechnology companies that lost more than 70% of their value in 2014. (Click here for a list of the best performers.)There aren’t many lessons here. Tolstoy said that happy families are all alike, and but every unhappy family is unhappy in […]

Buying These 3 Stocks Is Like Making a Bet in a Burning House

Source: Flickr user Mark EsauBargain hunters are often attracted to beaten-down biotech stocks because they sometimes rebound in astonishing fashion. That said, it can be extremely difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff when mulling over such companies, with many of them having little to no hope of ever reliving their glory days.Aegerion Pharmaceuticals , MannKind Corp. , and […]