Can CIA Agent Jack Ryan Stop The Next Rogue Stock Market …

Can CIA Agent Jack Ryan Stop The Next Rogue Stock Market Algorithm?20June, 2014We have always been fans of those Harrison Ford movies adapted from the Tom Clancy novels where he plays CIA agent Jack Ryan.  There is a new version of the series just out called “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”.  This time Jack Ryan is a young CIA financial analyst […]

Big Data, Socio-Psychological Theory, Algorithmic Text Analysis and …

Big Data, Socio-Psychological Theory, Algorithmic Text Analysis and Predicting the Michigan Consumer Sentiment IndexIn Uncategorized on May 27, 2014 at 5:45 pm by Jorge LouçãSee on – Non-Equilibrium Social ScienceWe describe an exercise of using Big Data to predict the Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index, a widely used indicator of the state of confidence in the US economy. We carry […]

The Fed's Equation for Stock Market Gains

We put in a good-citizen call to the SEC the other day.“There’s a massive scheme to manipulate stock prices,” we told the friendly agent.“I have to tell you that your call is being monitored so that we can better serve the public,” he replied.“Oh, don’t worry about that. The NSA is tapping our call anyway.”“Are you talking about a specific […]

The Advantages Of On line Trading | My Blog

The Internet is definitely an high level and helpful instrument in society. Gone are the times that its use limited to interacting and learning. But now, a growing tendency for doing business, banking and investing has emerged through on line communities. In reality, among the fastest growing markets online is stock trading. However, when you yourself have grown used to […]

Operation Ephemeral Hydra: IE Zero-Day Linked to DeputyDog …

Recently, we discovered a new IE zero-day exploit in the wild, which has been used in a strategic Web compromise. Specifically, the attackers inserted this zero-day exploit into a strategically important website, known to draw visitors that are likely interested in national and international security policy. We have identified relationships between the infrastructure used in this attack and that used […]