Economy: The End Of Capitalism?

(Drivebycuriosity) – “The end of capitalism has begun”, claims the British paper “The Guardian” (theguardian). The text looks like a wet socialist dream. Paul Mason, a Marxist and author of this article, declares that information technology (Internet, software, cloud computing and more) will destroy capitalism and replace it by “postcapitalism”.I disagree. Capitalism is just changing its face, as it has […]

How to find — and hire — data scientists | VentureBeat | Big Data | by …

Data might just be the new driver of business success.Airbnb uses data to match lodging and travelers. Netflix uses data to personalize your entertainment. Amazon uses data to sell you more stuff. And Google uses data to drive better search, advertising, email, and social.But data doesn’t reveal its secrets easily — or cheaply. Hence the exploding role of data scientist, which […]

Big Data, the Feature –

A tool by New Relic called Insight gives its clients real-time analytics about customer usage.What if big data, that much-proclaimed multibillion-dollar hope of the enterprise software industry, is just a feature of something else?On Wednesday, a company called New Relic announced that its product, used by information technology professionals to monitor the performance of software applications, would also carry real-time […]