Sarepta Gets Delayed And The Stock Gets Drilled

View gallery.Biotech stocks can provide enormous gains, but unfortunately, they can take them away just as quickly.All it takes is one FDA approval for a biotech company’s stock to soar, but an FDA setback could also cause that same stock to tank. One biotech stock suffered that outcome Monday morning.Sarepta Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ: SRPT) provided an update on its discussions […]

Foursquare's New Big Data Initiative Is Going To … – Business Insider

Foursquare is still making gains in users and check-ins, with the company reporting in December of last year that it had reached 45 million registered users and surpassed 5 billion check-ins. That’s up from January 2013, when Foursquare had 30 million registered users, a 50% gain in just under one year. (Foursquare did not say how many of those registered […]

How social media sentiment can affect markets –

On a daily basis over 140 million users of micro-blogging service – Twitter are generating a collective 340 million small text messages. This abundance of data contains a multitude of patterns hidden within. But can this data predict whether the stocks go up or down? Can it really assist traders on making calculated, informed and successful trades?I think it is […]