SiSense Raises $30M More To Bring Big Data Analytics To …

SiSense, a business intelligence startup that is among those making big data analytics accessible to ordinary business users (and not just data scientists) is today announcing more funding: a $30 million Series C round led by DFJ Growth — the VC’s arm dedicated to later-stage investments that recently announced a new fund we understand to be totalling over $500 million (in May, its size […]

Big Data trends intensify storage business boom – DigiTimes

Big Data trends intensify storage business boomStaff writer, DIGITIMES, Taipei [Tuesday 3 June 2014]The cumulative amount of data produced worldwide is predicted to reach 40ZB by 2020, which is 50 times more than that of 2010 according to preliminary estimates. That means the amount of storage data will double once every two years, and the era of the unprecedented digital […]

The Sentiment Behind the Chatter —

Social media has captured business owners’ attention worldwide, and it continues to be bolstered by massive volumes of big data. While Facebook, Twitter, or any forum or blog offers platforms for communities to gather and share opinions and ideas about products, services, and the like, the content and context are often not clear and completely devoid of emotion. Based on […]

Microsoft's Infinity Room makes big data beautiful | The Verge

San Francisco played host to a special mirrored room last month for an impressive illustration of big data. Software giant Microsoft was in town for its SQL Server 2014 launch party, and the carefully choreographed room was the centerpiece of the company’s push towards data analysis. The Infinity Room mixes LED animations, pixel spheres, and a narrative around how a […]

OLTP Database Systems for Non-Volatile Memory | Intel Science …

By Joy Arulraj, Justin Debrabant, Andrew Pavlo, Michael Stonebraker, Stan Zdonik, and Subramanya DulloorIn this joint collaboration between Brown, CMU, MIT CSAIL and Intel Labs, we explore two possible use cases of Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) for on-line transaction processing (OLTP) DBMSs.Evaluation of software systems using NVM is challenging due to lack of hardware. In this study, we use a NVM hardware emulator developed by Intel Labs that uses special CPU […]

Big Data at Netflix Drives Business Decisions – InfoQ

Jeff Magnusson, manager of Data Platform Architecture at Netflix, gave a presentation at QCon SF 2013 Conference about their Data Platform as a Service. Following up to this presentation, we will try to further explain how the technology stack lies and how it helps Netflix to tackle important business decisions.Netflix has more than 30 million subscribers worldwide. Every user provides […]

U.Va. Encourages Graduate Collaboration Through 'Big Data …

“’Big data’ is characterized not only by large quantities of data, but by interrelated, interconnected and sometimes self-referential data,” explained Will Green, a graduate student in the University of Virginia’s School of Architecture.With such far-reaching scope, it comes as little surprise that he and fellow architecture students are working with biomedical engineering students to create a way to visualize large […]

Micron's Automata Exploits Parallelism to Solve Big Data Problems …

DENVER — Micron unveiled what it claims is a fundamentally different new processor architecture at Supercomputing 2013 that speeds up the search and analysis of complex and unstructured data streams. The sneak peak of its Automata Processor (AP) architecture was accompanied by the establishment of a Center for Automata Computing at the University of Virginia.In an interview from the conference […]

Costin Leau on Elasticsearch, BigData and Hadoop – InfoQ

Elasticsearch is an open source, distributed real-time search and analytics engine for the cloud. It’s built on Apache Lucene search engine library and provides full text search capabilities, multi-language support, a query language, support for geolocation, context aware did-you-mean suggestions, autocomplete and search snippets.Elasticsearch supports RESTful API using JSON over HTTP for all of its operations, whether it’s search, analytics […]