Study looks at stock market performance of polarizing brands

Are you a big fan of Apple or Nike, or a hater of McDonald’s? A new study from the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University shows love-it or hate-it brands probably won’t perform exceptionally well in the stock market, but they also offer investors less risk because you know just what to expect – the good […]

'Big data' reveals human interests, behavior –

( —Information technology advances are leading to ever-growing accumulations of “big data,” making it feasible to quantify more things long thought immeasurable.

Arizona State University professor Ying-Cheng Lai and his research partners are combining expertise in […]

Big Data on Healthy Brain Aging – Dana Foundation

Some people are resilient to the ravages of age, while others are particularly susceptible, developing Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. For most of us, however, getting older involves a gradual reduction in brain volume, accompanied by an apparently inexorable decline in mental functions.Exactly how the brain changes with age, and why some people are affected more by aging […]

Panelists debate the use of “Big Data” in modern technology | Daily …

NewsPanelists debate the use of “Big Data” in modern technologyGirls in Tech hosted a panel of four “Big Data” enthusiasts Thursday evening in Kaprielian Hall to teach students more about the subject of Big …USC alumnus discovers big cat fossils in TibetOn Wednesday, a team of scientists announced that fossil fragments they discovered in Tibet on an expedition begun in […]