"Top Trade" Reco #4 For 2014: Long China Stocks … – Zero Hedge

In addition to its three previously announced so far “Top Trades” for 2014 (see here, here and here), just over an hour ago Goldman revealed its fourth top recommendation to clients. To wit: Goldman is selling China equities (via the HSCWI Index), while buying copper (via Dec 2014 futs), or at least advising its flow clients to do the opposite […]

Stock Market Analysis: Markets Consolidate Trading Sideways Again

* US stock markets rose steadily from the open and held on to early gains despite some profit taking mid-session.* European stock markets rose the most in two weeks, after German consumer confidence and UK growth were better than expected.* Asian markets edged lower across the region for a second session, as traders took profits with stock valuations at six […]

Why High-Frequency Trading Doesn't Compute – Barron's

Wall Street is no autobahn. Traders pushing pedal to the metal risk hurtling into the Buttonwood Trees. Knight Capital’s $440 million computer-generated smash-up this month is the latest sign that the world’s most important financial superhighway, where trades take place in less than the blink of an eye, sorely needs a speed limit. Michael Goldstein, a professor of […]