InfoSight: From Hallway Conversation to Kick-Ass Big Data Analytics

It was a dark and narrow hallway. The conversation flowed in torrents . . . OK, OK! It wasn’t that melodramatic – and it certainly wasn’t fiction.Larry Lancaster, our chief data scientist, has earned a reputation for being at the center of whatever is “The Next Big” thing. When I joined Nimble Storage in late 2009, I knew we had […]

Big Profits in Big Data – Energy and Capital

There are as many ways to make money in the stock market as there are fleas on a dog.In my investment service Technology and Opportunity, we believe the best way to make money is to get in front of the herd on the next moneymaking trend and sell when the news spreads to the great unwashed.Holding too long is death […]

The 4 V's in Big Data for Digital Marketing – Business 2 Community

Image credit: www.datameer.comDigital marketing professionals declare big data as the next BIG thing in digital marketing. In the past years, only a few marketers take the time to keep tabs on the big data flowing across the different aspects of their marketing campaigns. This time around, there is no way of stopping the surge of big data explosion upon the […]

Eight Analyst Stocks to Buy Under $10 for Big Upside – FuelCell …

Stocks hit an all-time high this past week. What is puzzling now is that investors and traders keep hearing that the raging bull market is over, and that this has turned into a stock picker’s market. Investors still will try to make gains, but they will want to avoid getting caught in bad stocks. As 24/7 Wall St. reviews dozens […]

WISDOM 2014 : 3rd Workshop on Issues of Sentiment Discovery …

Apologies for cross-posting,
Submissions are invited for the 3rd Workshop on Issues of Sentiment Discovery
and Opinion Mining (WISDOM), an ICML14 workshop exploring the new frontiers of
big data computing for opinion mining through machine-learning techniques and
sentiment learning methods. For more information, please visit:
The distillation of knowledge from social media is an extremely difficult task
as the content of today’s Web, while perfectly suitable […]

The Limits of Big Data: A Review of Social Physics by Alex Pentland …

In 1969, Playboy published a long, freewheeling interview with Marshall McLuhan in which the media theorist and sixties icon sketched a portrait of the future that was at once seductive and repellent. Noting the ability of digital computers to analyze data and communicate messages, he predicted that the machines eventually would be deployed to fine-tune society’s workings. “The computer can […]

Should We Wallow In The Rising Stock Market? [SPDR S&P 500 …

by David John Marotta and Megan RussellKeynesian economists have cited the rising U.S. stock market as evidence that the economy is picking up steam. Then they’ve been surprised by the unemployment and lack of hiring. The stock market, despite record highs, is not correlated to the performance of the overall economy.The misery index is an economic indicator of unemployment plus […]

Big Data Beyond Business Intelligence: Rise Of The MBAs | Datamyze

Repost from Forbes article by John FurrierEvolving quickly alongside today’s business demands, the data scientist profession is faced with the challenges of interdisciplinary rarity.  And the job pool is struggling to keep up.  Just as we’re beginning to put Big Data in its place, its human counterpart seeks definition within the modern enterprise.Can the data scientist keep up with today’s growing data […]

10 Outrageous Social Media Predictions for 2014 – Search Engine …

Every year, around December, I write my predictions for the next year. I love it. I sit in a room with some colleagues and brainstorm on what we think will happen next year and then I go to my crystal ball and look into the future, and just to make sure I’m not too off, I take my DeLorean […]

Who's Getting Rich In The Big Data Gold Rush? – ReadWrite

We’re in the midst of a Big Data Gold Rush, with VCs throwing cash at anyone and everyone with a Big Data idea. But as Cowen & Co. analyst Peter Goldmacher posits, the Big Data financial opportunity has three phases, with Big Data users, not vendors, standing to make the most money in Big Data’s third and final phase.
Big Data’s […]