EU research to make sense of Big Data |

A new technology developed by researchers funded by the European Union could revolutionise the way we process data – Big Data.With a whopping €6.5m of EU funding invested in this innovative initiative, the CEEDs project is comprised of 16 partners in nine countries (Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK).According to a European Commission press […]

When Big Data Is Watching You | TechCrunch

Is the answer to our feeble human minds needing to grapple with increasing quantities of big data to stand in a purpose built room immersed in complex data visualisations while wearing an array of sensors that track our physiological reactions? A group of European Commission-backed scientists believe so.They’re attempting to quantify — and, they claim, enhance — cognition by building a sensor-based data visualisation system that dynamically changes the complexity level […]

Microsoft Hortonworks partnership will “bring big data to billions …

Eron Kelly, Microsoft’s general manager for SQL Server product marketing and John Kreisa VP Strategic Marketing at Hortonworks join John Furrier and Dave Vellante in theCUBE at the 2014 Strata Conference. Kelly and Kreisa discuss the Microsoft/Hortonworks partnership as Furrier and Vellante inquire about what makes this new collaboration unique and fruitful.Tomorrow, Microsoft will announce new contributions to the OpenSource community […]

HP Earth Insights – Business Insider

HP Earth Insights/YouTubeA photo of an elephant used by Earth InsightsSee AlsoFour New Tech Trends That Should Be Huge In 2014HP Announces Another 5,000 Layoffs, For A Total Of 34,000How America’s Best Inventor, Dean Kamen, Is Helping Thousands Of US Kids2013 was the year when “big data” became a really huge thing.
Big data refers to collecting vast amounts of data […]

Use Social Media Sentiment to Guide You in the Stock Market

Worldreader and FC Barcelona team up to send one million e-books to sub-Saharan AfricaMobile deals company Scoutmob raises $3.25 million, inks deal with First DataAppsEuropeInsiderSocial MediaUKUncategorizedA new app promises to let anyone use social media sentiment to guide them in the stock market

ShareHN0SharesWorldreader and FC Barcelona team up to send one million e-books to sub-Saharan AfricaMobile deals company Scoutmob raises […]