Athens stock market reopening after 5 weeks of Greek crisis …

AP Photo/Petros KaradjiasA demonstrator in front of a banner depicting a wrecking ball reading “No” and destroying a wall with anti-austerity measures during a rally in Athens, Greece, on June 10.The Greek stock market reopened on Monday for the first time in five weeks. It had been closed since the country’s capital controls took effect and bailout referendum was announced.Greece’s […]

Bitcoin Trading- BTC/USD Technical Analysis, Aug 14: Support …

Bitcoin Trading- BTC/USD Technical Analysis, Aug 14: Support Broken, Declines to $521
By Leon Pick on August 14, 2014 in Trading

Judging by the sequence of events, it would seem that Bitcoin is following the lead of Litecoin and the alts, which have been caught in one of their most disastrous declines in recent memory. It just seems wrong, if not irrational, […]

Saudi Arabia's $530 Billion Stock Market Will Open to Foreign …

Fast FeedSaudi Arabia’s $530 Billion Stock Market Will Open to Foreign InvestorsStarting next year, foreigners can tap into the Kingdom’s flush bourse.
Saudi Arabia is opening its $530 billion stock market to foreign investors for the first time in a move meant to shift its economy away from dependence on oil revenue. News of this expansion, slated for the first […]

McLaren MP4-29 technical analysis –

McLaren MP4-29 technical analysisBy Steven De Groote on 29 Jan 2014, 19:48McLaren’s car debuted today on track at Jerez, a day late as the team struggled through Tuesday to get its car up and running. Several electrical and hydraulic systems failed to work together even after a successful fire up at the team’s factory one week earlier.The wait was however […]