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Fed Shift Is Major Stock Market RiskStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2015Jun 19, 2015 – 05:43 PM GMTBy: Zeal_LLCThe US stock markets were quick to rally after the Federal Reserve did nothing at its policy meeting this week. Traders love the endless dovishness gushing forth from this Yellen Fed. But their complacency is very misplaced. It was epic Fed easing that […]

Post Fed, Bernanke Is Now a Market Timer

Yellen was criticized a few months back for opining on the strength of biotech and social media stocks.  Those stocks got hit for a day, but then stormed back to make more highs. Yellen learned from her mistake and has gone quietly into the good night with regard to market predictions.  She continues to be as dovish as ever though, […]

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Stock Market SPX Highs A Fed IllusionStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Jul 18, 2014 – 03:42 PM GMTBy: Zeal_LLCThe surreal US stock markets have continued melting up in recent months, spurred ever higher by the Federal Reserve’s money printing and jawboning. The resulting record highs in the headline indexes have been widely trumpeted by Wall Street as evidence of a strong […]

U.S. Stock Market Update | Seeking Alpha

SummaryOption 1: Market takes a correction in July to relieve over bought, over loved status. This is potentially a healthy pause to refresh before new highs.
Option 2: Market channel bursts upward and momentum fuels an upside blow off that would be terminal to the bull, a la ‘Silver 2011’.
We lean toward Option 1 for now.
The following is an excerpt from […]

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U.S. Stock Market Analysis and ForecastStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Jul 07, 2014 – 04:28 PM GMTBy: SubmissionsGary Tanashian writes: The following is an excerpt from NFTRH 298′s 38 pages of hard hitting, no b/s market analysis, which also included extensive work on the precious metals along with commodities, currencies, global markets and market sentiment.Stock Markets – USHappy Independence Day America! […]

The Truman Show Stock Market – How Things Look And What They …

The Truman Show Stock Market – How Things Look And What They AreStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Jul 07, 2014 – 03:49 AM GMTBy: Raul_I_MeijerWe hugely underestimate what it means not to have a functioning financial system and economy. It even feels sort of fine for a while, both to the richer part of our population who get richer, and to […]

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Stock Market Critical ThinkingStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014May 08, 2014 – 06:57 PM GMTBy: DailyWealth

Dr. Steve Sjuggerud writes: Yesterday, I shared the “secret” to my success…As I explained, this secret is not hard to understand or to put into action. And it works in both the markets and in life.In short, the idea is to […]

Stock Market Shock Dictates Continued Avoidance Of Passive Long …

When I first offered a warning to investors on New Year’s Eve, it was not plainly obvious what was about to happen. Today, pundits are pulling out every possible excuse for why stocks are getting trashed. It’s not at all because of Turkey or Argentina, but the fringes of risk, including emerging markets, are instead feeling it now because of […]