Abbott Laboratories (ABT), AbbVie Inc (ABBV): Biotech Stocks Set …

William Patalon III: When I earned my MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) back in the mid-1990s, my focus was finance and investing.But it was a management professor who clued me in to some of the best ways to “look past the numbers” and understand what really makes a big company tick.The professor, Janet C. Barnard, retired a few […]

No-fail Black Friday stocks? Behind the trade –

While Coach was far and away the best performer in the study, two other names that aren’t the first that come to mind when thinking “Black Friday rush” also were also among the consistent winners: Lowe’s and Home Depot.”You’ve got a ton of people about to travel to your house for the holidays so you need it to look good,” […]

Your Shocking Midterm Election Profit Opportunity

It’s one of the biggest questions to come out of the Republicans’ stunning election victory.”Will President Obama finally approve the Keystone XL pipeline?”The short answer: Yes, he will. And it will hand you a rare opportunity to pocket some serious profits. But you must act fast.How can I be so sure? Simple economics. And politics.Time magazine calls Canadian oil […]

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Originally published on January 30, 2014, this analysis product was offered privately during the height of the Target breach. Over the weekend (August 2014), more reports followed of point of sale exploitation with BlackPOS. Several others have provided technical analysis of BlackPOS, but we’ve decided to openly post this analysis because of it’s closeness to another builder “VSkimmer”, and the […]

Russian Bear Rattles Stock Markets, but Plunge Protection Team …

Russian Bear Rattles Stock Markets, but Plunge Protection Team Rides to the RescueStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Aug 14, 2014 – 11:10 PM GMTBy: Gary_DorschInvesting is an inherently risky business with lots of uncertainties. At any given moment, the bullets can fly from any direction, and at a bare minimum, the investor hopes to emerge unscathed from the battlefield. But of […]

Trade of the Week Update: RealD (RLD) Back in Single-Digit Territory Midday Update for 8/7/2014Trade of the Week Update:  RealD (RLD) Back in Single-Digit Territory/ Put Options Double12:45 p.m. (EST) Earlier this week, I profiled RealD’s (RLD, $9.10, down $0.15) upcoming earnings release and showed investors and option traders several different ways to play a possible 10% move in the stock and a possible triple-digit profit with the right option.  It […]

Moscow Stock Exchange Breaks – Trading Halted – Blacklisted News

Moscow Stock Exchange Breaks – Trading Halted

Moscow Stock Exchange Breaks – Trading Halted
July 30, 2014Share It | Print This

Source: Zero HedgeNo reasons given but Moscow Stock Exchange has just suspended trading with no reasons specified…One can’t help but wonder if this is another ‘sanction’ that was not officially described by President Obama and Jack Lew…Share This Article…
Please enable […]

Trouble for Small Stocks and Their ETFs | ETF Trends

Contributed News:AdvisorShares: Why Japan? Why Now?
BlackRock: Investors Think about Risk Differently from the Finance Industry: Why This Matters
ETF Chart of the Day: High Yield Help
There has been a great deal of talk about the housing recovery. Sales of existing homes steadily rose between mid-2011 and mid-2013 on the back of a weak U.S. dollar and an increase in the money […]