Will Individuals Ruin the Stock Market? – Morningstar

The author offers two arguments in support of the case. The first is mutual fund flows. Net inflows into U.S. stocks funds are stronger than at any time since 2004, at $76 billion for the year to date. This contrasts with $451 billion in net outflows over the previous seven years. The second argument is anecdotal. It consists of quotes from […]

“Futurehunter” Examines the Dangers of Stock Trading at the Speed

In this excerpt from Humanity in the Machine: What Comes after Greed? futurist Brian David Johnson describes his job as a “futurehunter” and his fascination with both algorithmic trading and high-frequency trading (HFT). Both methods use computer programs to automate and accelerate the execution of certain financial transactions. Yet heavy reliance on such technology in the finance world can be […]