Why Investors are Now Searching Out Active Funds

by Joshua Brown, The Reformed BrokerThe pendulum always swings too far in both directions. I would tell you the ratio of passive fund inflows to active fund inflows over the last few years but I can’t because the latter category would be a negative integer.Instead, I’ll just tell you that almost 100 cents of every dollar has gone into index […]

How the stock market destroyed the middle class – MarketWatch

Nonfinancial corporations haven’t raised any net capital in the stock market for 21 straight years.
WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — There’s something seriously wrong with an economy that nurtures a few billionaires but can’t sustain the middle class.Many factors have been blamed for the plummeting fortunes of the American middle class: globalization, technology, deregulation, easy credit, the winner-take-all economy, and even the inevitable […]

STTG Market Recap Feb 9, 2015 – Stock Trading To Go

VIDEO UPDATE: Market analysis looking at long term charts, movers on the day, and analysis of 50 stocks with setups and buy points.A relatively quiet session for the indexes after last week’s fireworks as the market saw a small gap down at the open followed by a small rally and then a late day selloff.  The S&P 500 fell 0.42% […]