Gold & Silver Surge As Schizophrenic Stocks Slump-And-Pump

As the world hopes for “no comment” from The Fed tomorrow, anxiety in markets remains very evident… This about sums it up!Stocks continued yesterday’s weakness overnight… ramped obdeiently into the open in NY… then plunged on bad data and Iran Ship Seizure headlines before v-shape-recovering thanks to someone’s generosity in selling massive amounts of protection (VIX) just as you would […]

Market Caution – US Biotech Stocks Look OverHeated

ARE BIOTECH STOCKS IN A BUBBLE?ARE BIOTECH STOCKS IN A BUBBLE?This is a question that is being asked. According to an article by Bloomberg (Biotech Index in Nosebleed Territory – Up 500% In 4-years, Trades At 10X Revenues – Bloomberg Business, March 8, 2015) the 269 Biotech companies that are listed on the NASDAQ are up more than 500% […]

Chart of the Week

Chart of the WeekChart of the WeekAre Biotech stocks in a bubble?Are Biotech stocks in a bubble? This is a question that is being asked. According to an article by Bloomberg (Biotech Index in Nosebleed Territory – Up 500% In 4-years, Trades At 10X Revenues – Bloomberg Business, March 8, 2015) the 269 Biotech companies that are listed […]

Time To Short the Mighty Greenback?

Netty Idayu Ismail of Bloomberg reports, Hedge Fund That Made 18% on Dollar Strength Now Bets on Drop:
Charlie Chan, a former Credit Suisse Group AG proprietary trader who now runs his own hedge fund, reduced bets the dollar will strengthen and added trades that would profit from a decline.Chan said he trimmed his fund’s long dollar position versus the yen […]

Chinese stocks are getting destroyed – Business Insider

Sam Ro

Apr. 17, 2015, 7:34 AM

@ericbeeboHong Kong futures are getting crushed.There’s a major sell-off going on in China right now.Chinese stock market futures are down by more than 5% following news that regulators are tightening the screws on traders.”The China Securities Regulatory Commission banned the margin trading businesses of brokerages from taking part in umbrella trusts, while the Securities Association […]

A Buyback or Biotech Bubble?

Steven Davidoff Solomon, professor of law at the University of California, Berkeley, wrote a comment for the New York Times reports, General Motors’ Stock Buyback Follows a Worrying Trend:
General Motors’ announcement that it will buy back $5 billion worth of stock raises the question of whether the stock buyback has turned into a shareholder activist shakedown.G.M. did not open its […]

Two-thirds of new investors in China's stock market mega-rally didn't …

The great Chinese equity juggernaut rolls on. The Shanghai composite is up 14% this year, compared with the S&P 500’s sickly -0.1% performance. This, as we’ve noted, is a bona fide mystery: China’s economy is sputtering and yet its stock market only flies higher.ShareTap image to zoomThe tanking housing market is one likely culprit, as is the recent zeal for […]

Obstacles facing the US stock market – Business Insider

Akin Oyedele

Mar. 25, 2015, 5:45 PM
Screenshot via Bloomberg TVDavid RosenbergIt was a rough day for stocks.In a note to clients on Wednesday, Gluskin Sheff’s David Rosenberg took a step back to highlight four of the biggest obstacles facing the bull market.Here’s what Rosenberg outlined:Earnings momentum has slowed. Bottom-up consensus forecasts for S&P 500 operating earnings growth in the first quarter have […]

Dollar-Dump, Biotech-Bruising , & Rail-Rout, Ruins Record Run In Stocks

If you bought Trannies ahead of The FOMC, then…Otherwise… given the volume traded today…The S&P 500 has now alternated down and up for last 9 daysIt’s been quite a ride… post-FOMCOn the day, Trannies got trounced by Railroad warnings…and Biotechs buggered by GileadSectors all rolled over hard into today’s close…Today’s market traded in a very narrow range and on extremely […]

6 reasons why the US stock market is still the … – Business Insider

Akin Oyedele

Mar. 16, 2015, 9:02 AM

Bloomberg TVJonathan GolubRBC Capital Markets is bullish on US stocks.”Non-U.S. markets are expected to see slightly faster earnings growth over the coming year,” RBC strategist Jonathan Golub wrote in a note Monday.”However, developed ex-U.S. has missed lofty expectations by a wide margin in each of the past four years.”Also, expectations for earnings growth in Europe have been sharply revised downward this year. Here’s […]