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Junk Bonds Call for Stock Market Crash …Stock-Markets / Financial CrashAug 18, 2015 – 05:30 PM GMTBy: Clive_MaundWe have looked at plenty enough evidence in recent weeks that a crash is looming for US markets, and now we are going to take a look at another important piece of evidence that we haven’t previously considered – the Junk Bond market.When […]

Stocks Suffer Worst Week Of Year Amid Biotech Bloodbath, Commodity Carnage, & Bond Buying

This seemed appropriate…But “everything was awesome”?Russell 2000 -3.1% – worst week since Oct 2014 (Bullard)
Dow -2.8% – worst week since Dec 2014
S&P -2.1% – worst week since Jan 2015
Trannies -2.8% – worst week since Mar 2015
Nasdaq -2.2% – worst week since Mar 2015
Who is to blame for all this?Leaving The Dow comfortably red year-to-date…This is notable.. VIX was pressed notably […]

Yes! It is a Stock and Bond Bubble!

7-1-15Secular Market Top – Since January 2000+53.3% Dow+171.8% Transports+94.2% Utilities+40.4% S&P 500+22.5% Nasdaq+52.2% 30yr Treasury Bond+304.6% Gold+132.3% OilFrom High to Low+304.6% Gold+171.8% Transports+132.3% Oil+94.2% Utilities+53.3% Dow Jones+52.2% 30 Year Treasury+40.4% S&P 500+22.5% NasdaqIt is easily seen that in the year 2000 the Nasdaq was horribly overvalued and gold was on the give away table, such lopsided returns 15 years later!Here […]

Fund Managers’ Current Asset Allocation – July

Summary: Overall, fund managers’ asset allocations in July provide a confused view.On the one hand, fund managers raised cash to a 6 1/2 year high. It hasn’t been this high since the height of panic in late 2008. This is normally contrarian bullish.Note, however, that allocations to equities rose over the past month. Most of the rise in cash came […]

Market makes it Four Straight Days of Gains

Despite poor retail sales stocks bounced higher for the fourth straight session. Energy and Biotech stocks led the overall market today. Energy seems to be finding support at early 2015 lows. Biotech continues its run despite fundamentalists crying foul over earnings multiples. Transportation stocks lagged the market along with utilities. Bonds rallied a bit today as they continue to remain […]

Fund Managers’ Current Asset Allocation – June

Summary: Overall, fund managers’ asset allocations in June provide a confused view.On the one hand, fund managers raised cash to a 6-month high and reduced their global equity exposure to an 8-month low. Relative to recent history, this is contrarian bullish.Note, however, that most of the fall in their equity allocations came from further reducing emerging markets exposure; allocations to […]

What Happens to Gold When a Stock Market Crash Occurs | Robert …

What Happens to Gold When a Stock Market Crash OccursBy: Robert McHugh | Sun, May 10, 2015SharePrintEmailAs you probably know, I would not be surprised if the stock market crashes within the September / October 2015 time period. I believe the economic fundamentals are poor and getting worse, fast. In order to prepare, this weekend I examined how U.S. Bonds […]

Dollar-Dump, Biotech-Bruising And Rail-Rout, Ruins Record Run In Stocks

If you bought Trannies ahead of The FOMC, then you get nothing. The S&P 500 has now alternated down and up for last 9 days. It’s been quite a ride post-FOMC…
On the day, Trannies got trounced by Railroad warnings and Biotechs buggered by Gilead…
Sectors all rolled over hard into today’s close…
Today’s market traded in a very narrow range and on […]

Fund Managers’ Current Asset Allocation – March

Every month, we review the latest BAML survey of global fund managers. Among the various ways of measuring investor sentiment, this is one of the better ones as the results reflect how managers are allocated in various asset classes. These managers oversee a combined $600b in assets.The data should be viewed mostly from a contrarian perspective; that is, when equities […]

The Bond Rally Is Not A Good Omen For The Stock Market | Seeking …

SummaryBonds continue to defy the experts.
Bonds rallying since December even as the Fed tapers back its QE bond-buying, and even as pressures build for the Fed to begin raising interest rates sooner than expected.
They tend to move opposite to stocks, yet have rallied even though the stock market has rallied to new highs.
The Fed says the economy remains healthy enough […]