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Harness Biotech Stock Volatility with an Options StrategyCompanies / BioTechAug 13, 2015 – 10:27 PM GMTBy: TLSReportVolatility is the nature of the biotech beast, and it must be tamed or utilized to advantage. That’s the philosophy of Eden Rahim, portfolio manager and option strategist at Theta Strategies Capital. Can you grow a portfolio if some of your more successful names […]

Google Web Mining Can Help Neuroscientists Analyze Big Data

Facebook, Google and just about everyone except Science 2.0 use global distributed computers to mine your web history and learn everything about you to generate revenue. Big data is being led by marketing, like many things are, but early adopters who make money at things create tools that everyone can then use, and that will be a big help for […]

Gordon Moore Giving Big to Big Data Scientists – IEEE Spectrum

Moore’s new law is that big data will lead to big science. The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation plans to give US$1.5 million grants (in $200 000 to $300 000 yearly installments) to 15 worthy interdisciplinary scientists who can develop and use new algorithms, machine learning techniques, and other data-intensive science tricks to turn huge volumes of data into amazing […]

Big Data on Healthy Brain Aging – Dana Foundation

Some people are resilient to the ravages of age, while others are particularly susceptible, developing Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. For most of us, however, getting older involves a gradual reduction in brain volume, accompanied by an apparently inexorable decline in mental functions.Exactly how the brain changes with age, and why some people are affected more by aging […]