And More Investors Are Convinced A Stock-Market Crash Is Coming

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Investor confidence that the US will avoid a stock-market crash in the next six months has dropped dramatically since last spring.The Yale School of Management publishes a monthly Crash Confidence Index. The index shows the proportion of investors who believe we will avoid a stock-market crash in the next six months.Yale points out that “crash confidence reached its all-time […]

S&P 500 Annualized Returns – Business Insider

Bloomberg, US TrustSee AlsoThis Crazy Chart Perfectly Illustrates Why You Should Never Expect ‘Average’ ReturnsThis Brilliant Chart Reveals How Patience Pays Off For InvestorsWe’ve Seen Uglier Stock Market Sell-Offs In 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010…Regular 10% returns per year in the stock market are a myth. So are 9% returns and 11% returns.In introductory finance courses, you might be taught that […]

Charles & Colvard: This $2 Stock Bargain Is Trading Below …

SummaryA sharp pullback due to a disappointing earnings report is a major buying opportunity. This stock was trading for double just a few weeks ago.

Investors should begin to realize that the weak results were a one-time event due to harsh winter weather and a […]