The New York Stock Exchange goes down: inside the dystopian …

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I wake up from my whiskey stupor to the scent of burning motherboards, and I know that something is wrong. Out the window in New York’s Financial District, two men in torn bespoke suits roast a body over an oil drum. It looks like Thomas Friedman’s, but I […]

NASDAQ Stock Index Hits 5000 for the First Time Since the Dotcom Bubble 15 Years Ago

The reflexive reaction from anyone who was there for the dotcom bubble is ‘Uh-oh.’And while anyone who says that this time its different should probably be offered some perfectly good swampland in Florida or a slightly used bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn, the reality is that a lot of new wealth has been created. Approximately $1 trillion in new market […]

Only 2% Indians trade in stocks, these ex-hedge fund managers …

Only 2% of Indians trade in stocks, these ex-hedge fund managers want to change the scene
“Only two per cent of Indians trade in stocks and this includes mutual funds. It’s ridiculous!” exclaim, Raghu Kumar, Co-founder of RKSV. Having grown up in the US, where close to 40 per cent of the population trades in stocks, Raghu and his brother Ravi […]

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Recently,piumini moncler outlet, Han Xue in the third year near the entrance of the tense situation, two years ago on a charity gala, called showbiz music event!there is no legal procedures. however, but most lsquo; winners rsquo; fee. and […]

This Is Not Your Father's Stock Market – Foreign Policy

The head of the British electronic spy agency GCHQ, Robert Hannigan, created a minor flap last week in an article he wrote for the Financial Times. In effect, Hannigan argued that more robust encryption procedures by private Internet companies were unwittingly aiding terrorists such as the Islamic State (IS) or al Qaeda, by making it harder for organizations like the […]

Big Data or Big Brother? Monitoring email for metrics

Monitoring the way in which employees in an organisation communicate could provide the next level of data analysis.The company Revelian has come up with a tool called the Revelian Communications Analysis Platform, which sits in a company’s server and tracks email communication with pre-set metrics.The platform will look at communication patterns rather than the specific content of emails to look […]

Blind marksman who developed sound-emitting scope, stock market …

SURRY, Maine — Nicknamed “the Midnight Gunslinger,” he could shoot a rifle and hit a target 200 yards away, despite the fact that he could not see.On Tuesday morning, poor visibility apparently intervened to take the life of James Miekka, 54, when he was struck by a sport utility vehicle as he was walking along Route 176, known locally as […]

Low and Expanding Risk Premiums Are the Root of Abrupt Stock …

Low and Expanding Risk Premiums Are the Root of Abrupt Stock Market LossesStock-Markets / Stock Markets 2014Aug 13, 2014 – 05:56 PM GMTBy: John_MauldinRisk premiums. I don’t know anyone who seriously maintains that risk premiums are anywhere close to normal. They more closely resemble what we see just before a major bear market kicks in. Which doesn’t mean that they […]

"Big Data" Hits Chicago Streets – Western Journalism

In Chicago, the Big Data initiative is about to make a major leap this summer.Urban planners are excited about the “Array of Things” project, which is installing “smart” lamp posts… pole-mounted sensors that gather data on everything from air quality to sound volume.These smart lamps could make Chicago “a safer, more efficient and cleaner place to live,” according to Charlie […]

Big Data analysis from the White House: understanding the debate …

Danah boyd, founder of the critical Big Data think/do tank Data and Society, writes about the work she did with the White House on Big Data: Seizing Opportunities, Preserving Values [PDF]. Boyd and her team convened a conference called The Social, Cultural & Ethical Dimensions of “Big Data” (read the proceedings here), and fed the conclusions from that event back […]