Criminals are manipulating the stock market and regulators can't …

ShutterstockThe SEC has gone from tracking illicit traders from chat rooms to an international game of cat-and-mouse. Sometimes the crooks keep one step ahead of regulators.See AlsoWatch Out For Twitter Stock Hoaxes, Which Are Getting Trickier By The DayHow To Effectively Regulate Mortgage LendingWhy Cash Incentives For Whistleblowers Are Actually UsefulOn May 14 a Bulgarian stock schemer is alleged to […]

Predictions, Results and more Forecasts!

Dear Reader,European stocks seem to have started the 10% correction I predicted. The German DAX Index is down circa 5.5% from its peak.European ‘periphery’ government bonds seem to have started the sell off I predicted. Spanish and Italian government bonds sold off hard during the past several weeks. I think the sell off will continue and even accelerate.I expect the […]

Stock Markets, Oil, EUR/USD and Gold!

Dear Reader,US stock markets end January 2015 in minus. The correction should exceed 20%, tech and biotech stocks will fall more. EU stocks should finish 2015 in minus as well. Gold should fall with a target of 1050 USD. EUR/USD should touch 1.05 in 2015.Shale oil and gas plays in the US seem a good value play at these levels, […]

Stock markets, ECB QE, Commodities and EUR/USD!

Dear Reader,Did the US stock market correction(I forecast a fall of more than 20%) start this week? It is possible. I expect a fall of circa 30% for the major indices in 2015 or 2016 at the latest. Tech and biotech stocks should decline more than 30%. Energy and metals and mining stocks should also post large losses. Financials seem […]