Managing Edtior-Financial Newsletter/Stock Trading Services

DescriptionManaging Editor – Financial Newsletter/Stock Trading ServicesDent Research, a division of Agora, Inc. is seeking an experienced Managing Editor to work with some of the best traders in the industry –  a 25 year market veteran and demographic expert; one of the top CMTs and trading system developers in the country; a bio-tech authority and head of one of the […]

Best and worst performing ETFs this year

Best and worst ETFs in 2014
Best & worst ETFs in 2014
CNBC’s Bob Pisani discusses what was behind the strong performance of biotech ETFs in 2014 and if the NYSE will be sold off in 2015.
The exchange-traded fund winners this year were biotech and mainland China. It was a home run for biotech across the three largest ETFs.SPDR Biotech, an equal-weighted […]

End of the Year Stock Bargains

by Jim Walker on Friday, December 26th, 2014 | Comments OffChristmas has come and gone and it is time to look for end of the year stock bargains. Fundamental analysis of stocks is always the key to picking up bargain stocks but where do you look and what are the important factors that will drive stock prices? Here are few […]

Biotech Stocks Are Falling: 3 Top Stocks to Buy

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Cards for Bad CreditCredit Quality AverageCredit […]

Ways to spot a stock-market hoax – The Guardian

Jordan Kessler, the five-year-old son of trader Glenn Kessler, uses his father’s mobile phone and badge as he visits the floor of the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Mohammed Islam, a 17-year-old high school senior, pretended to be a stock genius who made $72m but was unmasked. Photograph: Richard Drew/AP
Tall tales are nothing new in finance. The same […]

No, that high school kid didn't make $72 million trading stocks

You may have seen the amazing story today about the high school kid who made $72 million trading stocks. There were plenty of red flags in the original New York Magazine article. But now CNBC is reporting that the $72 million figure is totally bogus.Mohammed Islam, a 17-year-old high school kid in New York, was profiled as a Wall Street […]

High school senior admits tale of $72m stock-trading fortune was …

Mohammed Islam says he has made tens of millions of dollars in financial markets. Photograph: LinkedIn
A Stuyvesant high school senior who reportedly made more than $72m trading oil and gold futures has admitted he invented the tale as a hoax.Mohammed Islam, 17, told New York Magazine that he made enough to buy a BMW, rent a fancy apartment and turn […]

US high school wiz makes $72mn on stock market — RT Business

US high school wiz makes $72mn on stock marketPublished time: December 15, 2014 12:13Get short URLMohammed Islam (Photo from Islam, a 17-year old school student from New York’s Stuyvesant High School, has made a $72 million fortune trading stocks in lunch breaks. The young investor hopes to become a billionaire next year.The son of Bengali immigrants from Queens, Islam […]

Stocks Are Expensive – Business Insider

ArchivesSee AlsoOne Of Warren Buffett’s Top Investing TipsInvesting Alone Can’t Secure Your RetirementThis Is The Clearest Picture We’ve Seen Of What The Stock Market Could Look Like In 2015The world’s stock markets suddenly look wobbly.So it seems a good time to remind everyone that, if stocks suddenly crash, say, 30%-50%, it should not come as a surprise.Why?Because based on valuation […]

Dubai Stock Market Sees The Largest Fall In 5 Years – Business …

Dubai stocks fell 7.4% on Thursday, the worst one-day drop for that market since 2009 as oil price declines hammer the outlook for the country.Here’s the ugly chart of Thursday’s action, which wrapped up trading at 5 a.m. ET.Bloomberg.comThursday’s drop also wiped out almost all of the remaining gains seen by Dubai’s stock market since the start of February as […]