A Modern-Day Shoeshine Boy Moment

 The Original AnecdoteThere is a well-known – though likely apocryphal – anecdote from the end of the roaring 20s. It involves Joseph P. Kennedy, US ambassador to the UK from the late 1930s to mid 1940s. Before he entered the civil service and politics, he had made a name (and a fortune) for himself as a businessman and investor. On […]

The official August 19th Shanghai Stock Market Crash Thread

The official August 19th Shanghai Stock Market Crash Thread

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The official August 19th Shanghai Stock Market Crash Thread
How bad do you think the Shanghai stock market will crash when it opens in less than 5 hours?
Let’s face it…. the Chinese know that their stock markets were about to crash and that is […]

Biotech Stocks Buzz: Radius Health Inc (NASDAQ:RDUS), Agenus …

If there is such a thing as a poster child for volatility in the stock market, the biotech sector would likely take top honors.Biotech stocks are unique. While stocks in other sectors are typically valued based on their past performance and future earnings potential, the majority of biotech stocks don’t have a cent in recurring revenue. Instead, biotech stocks are […]

The Fed’s Deflation Problem?

Lucia Mutikani of Reuters reports, Improving U.S. jobs market bolsters case for Fed rate hike:
U.S. employment rose at a solid clip in July and wages rebounded after a surprise stall in the prior month, signs of an improving economy that could open the door wider to a Federal Reserve interest rate hike in September.Nonfarm payrolls increased 215,000 last month as […]

7 top Canadian stocks that have a secret weapon in the commodities rout

The best-performing Canadian stocks amid the commodities rout have one thing in common: the mighty U.S. dollar. Earnings estimates compiled by Bloomberg suggest their run will continue.How short sellers are building up a new front in their war on Canadian stocksThe TSX has been weighed down the past year by commodities. But now it faces a new threat: foreign investors […]

Frontrunning: July 28

Fed Officials May Offer More Clarity on Rates (WSJ)
Stocks rebound, shrugging off volatile and weak China (Reuters)
Three-Day Selloff Knocks 11% From China Shares (WSJ)
China shares fall again as Beijing scrambles to calm markets (Reuters)
VAT hikes to make Greek destination less popular (Kathimerini)
Varoufakis – Something is rotten with the eurozone’s hideous restrictions on sovereignty (FT)
EU denies Varoufakis ‘tax control’ claims (FT)
Allergan […]

The Bank of Canada Stumped?

Barrie McKenna of the Globe and Mail reports, Bank of Canada cuts key rate as economy contracts, exports stall:
Stephen Poloz is refusing to call it a recession, but the Bank of Canada Governor says the country needs another jolt of interest rate relief as the economy shrinks and exports stall.The central bank lowered its trend-setting overnight rate a quarter percentage […]

Why Canada's stock market transformation is taking so long

It’s been more than four years now since the giddily titled book Go Canada: The Coming Boom in the Toronto Stock Market and How to Profit From It hit store shelves, advising its hopeful readers that within a decade the Toronto Stock Exchange would more than double in value to 30,000 points. Spoiler alert: not gonna happen. Since the release […]

Here's your only safe bet in this sickly stock market – MarketWatch

In this challenging market, investors seem to be looking over their shoulders constantly for fear they will either be buying a top or missing the next rotation.But while it’s tempting to think that you need to be making big moves right now, churning your portfolio can result in much more pain than gain. So don’t rack up trading fees chasing […]

Frontrunning: April 17

Fed Shies Away From June Rate Hike (Hilsenrath)
Europe Stocks Fall Most in Three Weeks Amid Greece as Banks Drop (BBG)
China Futures Tumble on Trust Curbs, Expansion of Short Selling (BBG)
Oil slips below $64 as ample supplies weigh (Reuters)
Fed officials lean all ways on rate hikes, data in focus (Reuters)
Eurozone deflation eases in March (FT)
U.K. Jobless Claims Hit 40-Year Low as […]